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life in progress

ever since i posted the "coffee talk" where i vented my frustrations with the blogging world, i've been thinking a lot about the types of things i want to share here. i realized that not only do i want to start being more honest in my posts, but that i also miss posting snapshots of my life and little excursions. i don't know how or why i stopped doing this!

the whole intention when i started to blog more often was to remind myself that i do, in fact live a fun, creative life.

the whole intention of documenting the things i wore was to remind myself that i am, in fact a cute, creative woman.

my perception gets messed up sometimes, and i forget these things... i think i'm just wasting away into oblivion, but the photos prove otherwise. aside from the pressure i feel at times, blogging has been a wonderful reminder that i don't need to change anything about myself, or the way i live my life. i'm fine the way i am.

so i want to try and get back to being a true lifestyle blog... which also serves to support my musical endeavors :)

so... here i am, cooking some corn...


having a pair of feet...


cultivating a mild obsession with candles. a nice, warm (NON-PERFUMY) scent around the apartment makes everything ten times more cozy. sometimes, this makes me feel like i'm turning into a creepy, candle-collecting relic of suburbia, but oh well...



matt 2

we had some friends over on saturday for fajitas and a movie! we watched shame. sadly, it too serious for our frisky friends... who were mostly interested in doing shots, and making silly commentary focusing mainly around the gratuitous, ahem, nudity (etc.)


just living life.
just taking things one step at a time.
just trying to be kind to myself.

chan 2
chan 3


friends, be sure to listen to my new songs on bandcamp!! ♥♥


  1. Seems like a lot of people are burnt out on making everything seem perfect. :) I'm glad because I'm no good at it! :) Glad to see honest snippets. We're all muddling through with some kick ass happiness mixed in. PS Love your music!

  2. I love this post! I often feel the same way, that I need to just go out and live and do for a little while rather than focusing on what I wish my life could be.

    And your everydays look pretty nice! I love your cute moccasins :) And I am a fellow scented candle addict. Although right now I've also been loving using an oil burner because I can have such a variety of scents.

  3. Love this post! Photographs (and writing) are so helpful for me to remember things because in general I have a pretty bad memory. And when I can look back at these pictures I took I can recognize the beauty within the days I've already lived. <3

  4. Gorgeous images. I love your moccasins and sunglasses!

  5. I love candles! I use to get in trouble when I was in my teens because I would clean the house and when I finished since I loved them so much I would light every single candle in the house, it looked like a house of witches but I loved it so much!! and what is that beer street bottle? it looks great!! and keep doing this! I love looking at pictures of bloggers dae-to-dae life!

  6. This kind of posts are my very favorite! I love getting to see bits and pieces of other people's lives. Well, not just "people", but cute and creative friends like you :).

    What an awesome beer bottle! :P Did you take it home? That would make an awesome ornament or vase in your house ;).

  7. Just catching up on your posts here sweet lady and gotta say, I've been feeling the itch to post more lifestyle photos as well...I absolutely love that you did - I always think it just adds another level of interest and realism to the fantasy so many have created in this strange bloggy blog world. I just read your back post as well about the whole topic and I've felt the same way many-a-time and have become kind of disenchanted myself over how fake and full of consumerism the whole world is. Of course...this is just the cynical side of me. I adore looking at pretty photos (and taking them) as much as the next gal ..I guess what gets me more is all the competition and popularity aspects of it...the whole "follow me and I'll follow you" line that people leave in the comments just to gain more followers rather than to blog b/c you simply enjoy it and care about what you are writing. Where is the realness and integrity in all that? Anyhow...Now I went off on a rabbit trail:) All I really wanted to say was...I love this post Chantilly!! Have a fab week sweet girl:) xx Marisa

  8. lesley- girl, i like your attitude.

    mary- exactly :)

    miki and mary-morgan- it's actually a bottle from a place where you keep the jug, and can go get it refilled with beer over and over again! i'm going to do a post on it this week or next.

    marisa- i'd love to see your lifestyle photos. your style pics are already so pretty. i think a lot of girls are feeling this way- i see so many people posting and talking about it. maybe the bubble of "pretty things" is bursting... oh- and the whole follow me/ follow you is annoying... it sucks, and i don't play that game. it's much better when people find each other mutually interesting. i try to do that :)

  9. I feel you, girl! Also, I'm totally becoming a creepy suburban candle addict. I tool around Target sipping my Starbucks sniffing all the candles. Also, is that beer... with a straw??

  10. I love the design of your blog!!


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