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Miki's Scrapbook~ Snail Mail

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Hello, Chantilly fans! I'm Miki and it's a pleasure to be here today celebrating the launching of Up to the Moon! I'm very proud of Chantilly and I'm sure this is the beginning of a very successful career.

For this occasion, I wanted to do a little something to help "spread the word", so I prepared some packages to send through the regular mail and wrote little notes where I told my friends about Chantilly's new EP. I filled the packages with little favors and sweets, because, well, it is a party after all, right? ;) And to make them more fun, I decided not to wrap them. The containers I used were boxes and tubes I found at home, except for the blue ball which I bought at Party City.

Since I wanted to make sure the post office was going to let me send these unconventional packages, I sent out a trial set; one of which was addressed to Chantilly herself. Fortunately, all these recipients got their packages right away :).

Next up, I prepared three more parcels that I have just dropped off at the post office.

I'm waiting to hear from these three friends and hope they like Chantilly's songs as much as we do ;).

This post ends here, but I won't stop promoting our talented friend's music; that's for sure! ;D

Thank you so much, Chantilly, for letting me be here today! As I've already told you, I truly believe in you as an artist and you're a real star already! I'm sure great things are on your way and I'll always be here celebrating your success with you ;).



  1. such an great idea!!!..its so cool!! i love snail mail but these are just amazing!you are a genius!!!!:D

  2. That Miki is always full of such great and creative ideas! This was such a fun way to promote all of Chantilly's amazing-ness! Plus...the tissue paper in my package entertained my felines for at least an hour. :) Miki is the best and such a sweet and kind person. Three cheers to Miki and Chantilly!!

  3. Ah! First, congrats on the CD release. Second, what awesome mail art! I love snail mail a great deal and it's so awesome that you sent those containers as is through the mail. You can really send anything as long as you pay the right postage and it's so fun to receive those types of things in your mailbox. Also! That blue ball from Party City.. I actually saw a bin of them today when I was there. I almost bought a cart full. :-)

  4. miki you rooooooooooooooock!!!! loved the blog, now i'm going for the music ;)

  5. Too cute for words Miki!!! Such a clever idea...but really, I would never expect anything less from you:) Are those owl stickers I spy?!

  6. Awe, thank you so much for the kind words! And, as usual, it was a real pleasure to be part of this party! :D

  7. I love these creative packages - I'm inspired to try new ways of making parcels!

    Chantilly's new EP is amazing, I love it.

  8. thanks for introducing me to chantilly! absolutely stellar music! :) and looking more into her now!



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