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My Dad is Iggy ~ Pedal Pushers

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First of all we would like to congratulate the lovely Chantilly for her magical E.P release. We are honoured to be part of her blog party..

This is our very first guest blog everyone! . I’m Gini, My boyfriend Ivan and I created a small pedal brand called “my dad is iggy”( named after Ivan’s dad as he is a bit of a Iggy Pop look alike)


I know ..I know what you are thinking ,people building pedals are supposed to look like some long haired metals fans..) I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with pedals. They are small boxes that modify the sound or tone of your guitars, basses or keyboards.. Some people (better known as gear geek) would even say they are magic little things. It can really make amazing changes to your sounds…

Ivan build his first one in 1997 out of old stuff he found around the house ..


Few years ago after many request from friends and people at concerts he started taking few orders.. Ivan and i met in London (he is Italian and I am French)..we both lived there at the time and since last year we moved to Milan Italy .

I was pretty much clueless about pedals before we met, i remember buying my first guitar in 2001 and entering a guitar shop had been very intimidating so I could have not even dreamt about asking what were these small boxes for… haha

Ivan is doing all the circuits and projecting parts and I m designing, painting and photographing them. We do a lot of custom work (and I’m secretly dreaming about the day someone will ask for a glittery one!,)

There is something very exciting about building a product that will be different to what is available in stores.


We are still growing and like for every company there is a lot of trial and errors..It sometimes feels overwhelming as there is definitely obstacles along the way but all the work is very rewarding when an Artist is using one of them on stage ,when recording or getting great feedback and returning customers. Last year we even got an order from a member of a number one Italian band ,its definitely been a exciting one to make!

If you got any question or just want to say hi, please drop us a line.

Thanks a lot Chantilly for having us and we wish you all the very best :)

We are loving the album!!!!

Gini and Ivan


  1. For ages I've wanted a pedal to use with my guitar but have no idea where to start - I love the idea of one that's "me"!

  2. i know, i thought this was a really great idea too! i'm the same, i'm clueless with pedals, but i thought it was really badass that these guys could make their own (and sell them!) x

  3. Wow, congratulations to your EP release! Love it! Awesome! xxx

  4. Oh, this is so interesting! I have to tell David about it :).


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