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painted shoe boxes

do you ever find yourself with too many pairs of shoes?

well, of course you do, that was a silly question...

how about this- do you ever find yourself with too many shoe BOXES? i tend to keep mine around, and store random stuff in them. but sadly, naked shoe boxes are kinda ugly. even if they are blowfish shoe boxes...

painted boxes 3

so since i've had an obsession with painting things lately (this probably won't be the last post of this kind you'll see), i decided to make mine prettier.

all you need is some cheap acrylic craft paint from michaels, and some empty shoeboxes.

painted boxes 2
painted boxes 5
painted boxes 6

imperfect handwriting...

painted boxes 4

no, the idea isn't revolutionary, but it sure cranked up the volume on my office area storage shelf. all the other storage drawers are looking at the new ones, and thinking they need to step up their game, bigtime.

plus, now i can actually remember the contents of each shoebox...

painted boxes 7




  1. I love it! Unfortunately I haven;t bought shoes in a long time--is this a good excuse to buy some? haha

  2. I think they look really cute!
    Love the colour-blocking :)

  3. oo!I love this idea. I always end up with a ton of empty boxes boxes in my closet. I always think I'm going to use them or need them someday and now I have a good excuse to use them!


  4. Super cute! How many did you make/what are the themes of each box??

  5. What a cute idea! I love it! Now I just need to get some shoe boxed to do this with! Lol!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Anonymous4/10/2012

    That's a really cool idea! Looks like fun too

  7. sweet diy and congrats on getting your cd's!

  8. omg i love what you did! and yes, i buy too many shoes, thus have too many shoeboxes! ;)

  9. I like to put stickers on the sides of mine. Those 'Hello my name is' so that I can read what is inside without seeing the top of the box.

  10. I like to put stickers on the sides of mine. Those 'Hello my name is' so that I can read what is inside without seeing the top of the box.

  11. What an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing!
    I guess I will start keeping shoes boxes from now on :D

  12. They look cute now; love all the colors! :P

  13. What a super adorable idea!!! I really love this. I'm always wondering what to do with old shoe boxes. I don't have room to store them all, but I feel bad throwing them out. This is really brilliant!

  14. I'll definitely have to do that next time I get a new pair of shoes... It's been awhile... Hmm...

  15. awesome idea. I gotta ask though, what the end result texture? i tend to PVA glue over my surfaces because i dont like the scratchy chalkboard texture too much. That might be me being ocd or getting it wrong tho!

    Barnicles x

  16. Sheesh Chantilly, you always have the cutest ideas for the simplest of things...and I always ask myself, why didn't I think of that. My extra room is empty shoe box heaven...those poor suckers are in need of a facelift. You crafty little critter, you! I think I may just take an hour or so, and get started on repurposing them...I really need to find a house for all my flower crown making supplies as well as sewing stuff. Alright, I am off to my basement to hunt for my paints:)

  17. thanks girlsss!

    mary- i made four: 1) for my painting stuff, 2) marked "notes" which also contains peoples business cards & random papers, 3) rubber stamp materials, which i've been using for various projects 4) little hair pin things that i plan to put on etsy (someday.)

    loren- that's a great idea, too!

    barnicles- i have to admit, i don't like the texture of the paint :( i considered going over them with a coat of mod podge, but just wanted them done. i still might, though. thank you for bringing that up! i was going to write about it, then decided not to.

    marisa- for some reason, i thought the idea was sooo obvious- like everyone had done it before. i've always stored things in shoe boxes, but never thought to make them cute. you totally should paint some of yours! or decorate them with scrap fabric or decoupage... that was my other idea, but thought paint sounded easier :)


  18. Anonymous4/12/2012

    I love your photos so much! How do you edit them to get such a great and natural looking vintage feel? Or do you use a certain camera? Either way, they're beautiful and always make me smile.

  19. o-matic ;)

  20. this is such a wonderful idea, i always hate that i just have to toss (ok recycle, but still so wasteful) old boxes like this AND at the same time could always use cute storage like this. love your color combos!

  21. This is such a good and cute idea!


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