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Hi there, Chantilly Songs readers! I'm so excited to be guest posting for such a fun event! Being a singer/songwriter can be such an amazing experience and I'm so happy to have something in common with Chantilly! While I'm always busy working full-time and blogging over at Selective Potential, I always make time for my band - Circle Maybe. I play guitar and sing with three of my best friends (one of them being my husband!). We're a punk-pop band that plays out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


I can't really imagine myself not ever playing music. I started when I was young playing acoustic guitar and playing at local coffee shops. When I had the opportunity to play in a band with three of the people I love most in the world, who would pass up the chance? It's so much fun and we get to do what we love and do it together. We practice about once a week and play maybe two shows a month around Michigan. You can listen to our EP over at our Bandcamp, if you're interested!


Congrats to Chantilly on the release of her EP! I know the feeling - it's crazy exhilarating! I really enjoy Chantilly's music and her voice is so enchanting! Plus, I don't get many chances to talk about Circle Maybe, so this was a lot of fun to guest post for her in celebration of the event! Be sure to check out her music + support!


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  1. I read a little bit about Tieka's band over at her blog not so long ago; it was a complete surprise to find out she sang and played music! And it's nice to read about her here today :).


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