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sunday songs ~ cat martino

i haven't had a sunday songs post in awhile :) just wanted to pop by & talk music for a sec...

a few weeks ago, i went to union pool with a friend to see a show. i saw cat martino perform, and thought she was just the coolest. she uses one of those loop pedals live onstage to build up her songs. let me just say, i'm always enamored and kinda jealous of people who can do this. it's a skill i always wanted to learn, but never got around to.

ALSO. she plays and tours with sufjan stevens. they worked on this song together recently:

my girl crush meter just went up like, a bajillion percent.

i also talked to her after her set, and she's a total sweetheart. which also helps in the girl crush department ;)

have a lovely day :)



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  1. I didn't know her; what a lovely voice! I'm curious to see what this song sounds like live.

    And I only took the last 4 pics with the new camera. I don't know anything about photography, but I love this camera :).

    Have a wonderful week! ;D

  2. Have you heard of KT Tunstall or Ed Sheeran? They both use loop pedals - I've seen KT live and that was pretty epic - I was three rows from the front :D

    I want one but I don't play enough to warrant it.


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