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Up to the Moon EP Preorder

hello lovelies!

happy monday!

oh, and by the way...

up to the moon

yeah. i probably don't even have to say anything, but i will... my new EP is almost here!!

some fun facts about the new up to the moon EP:

#1 some of you expressed confusion as to what an "EP" is so.... EP- short for extended play. a musical recording which contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as a full album or LP.

#2 i originally titled it the "escape EP", but thought "up to the moon" sounded prettier, and had a better visual aspect. it's taken from some lyrics of the first track.

#3 i learned photoshop to design the cover art myself! i think i did a pretty good job :)

#4 it is available for streaming and preorder right now!
{{pre`or´der- to order to arrange beforehand.}}

#5 the official release date is april 17th, and i'm celebrating with an online party, right here on chantillysongs.com!

#6 you can join my facebook event and invite your friends!!

aside from the mountain of excitement i'm currently experiencing, i've been thinking about some other things... i'll need help getting the word out about this sexxy thang!! so i'm currently looking for the following:

blogs and publications who would like to review my cd.

if you'd like to mention or review my cd on your blog, i would love to send you some free music! i'll even include the bonus lyrics pdf if you're willing to help out with this one!

temporary interns to research music blogs & pitch my music.

this is something i really have no idea if anyone would be interested in doing. but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

i'd love at least one industrious gal (or lad) to do some research on actual music blogs. ones that are dedicated to reviewing and discovering new music. it would be ideal if you'd be willing to pitch my music as well! (which basically just means emailing the blog owners in a friendly and inviting way, keeping track of the progress, then following up.)

there are a number of ways i could possibly reward you, here. free music? a free ad on my sidebar? the sky's the limit, my friends :)

if you are interested in any of these things, please either leave a comment with your email address, or email me at chantillysongs (at) gmail.com

or if all you want to do is sit back and listen to the new songs, just do that! i'll love you, either way.

again, you can go to my bandcamp page to listen to the tracks and preorder the cd. i'm really happy!

thank you :) xoxo!



  1. Yay! It's so exciting to know people can already start listening to your new songs! And yes, you've done an amazing job on the artwork! ;D

    Have a great week! ;D

  2. I've heard your music before and I really love it! I'd love to feature it on a Music Monday post if you have a YouTube video/or audio track I can post on my blog. :) Just shoot me an email if you're interested.

    And by the way, I am so, so, so excited for you. :D

  3. thank you so much girls!!

    katie, i'm sending you an email. xo

  4. I have one of your songs via the Kickstarter thingy - I have played it sooooo many times! We were painting a mural for the Fountain Bedford building here and I had the song playing and about two or three songs later (while covered in paint) I flicked my phone back to that track to play again!! I'd love to blog about your EP/some songs if you'd let me :)

    Let me know - I'm sure you have my email addy - if not it's hannah at rockangel dot co dot uk.

  5. I listened to the 5 tracks and they're great! Congrats Chantilly! You should be so proud of yourself :)
    I'd love to review your album on my blog if you'd be interested. Just let me know. Congrats again!

  6. yayy soo excited for ya!! :D

  7. Anonymous9/07/2012

    Are you still sending out CDs to review? :D xx


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