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chantilly outfit 2

i'm pretty big into wearing this "headband" lately- which is really just a leather cord that i got at michael's. i'm also big into looking redic in completely mismatched patterns... but that's always :)

chantilly outfit 3

a bunch of us went to the "googa mooga" festival this weekend, and i wore this outfit. they didn't allow cameras with detachable lenses, so i didn't get the chance to shoot any photos.... i'm sure you're dying to see hoards of people waiting in long lines for overpriced food, right? because that was basically the gist of it :P i did manage to snag about 6 orbitz packets of gum though, which was the only thing that was free.

it was still a really lovely saturday. the weather was so beautiful. and after we ditched googa mooga, we sipped beer and wine on molly's roof, and played juvenile games. my chest did get a little sunburnt... small price to pay :)

chantilly outfit 5

chantilly blowfish

shoes- blowfish
dress- urban
shirt- urban
headband- craft store
necklace- f21

chantilly outfit 1

ps, i've got two more giveaways for you this week if you want to try to win my new ep! one at whimsical poppysmic and the other at my girl thursday.

hope you had a great weekend xoxo


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  1. I entered the giveaways!! I SO want your album!!!!


  2. I just found your blog and music threw Whimsical Poppysmic! Love what I've heard so far! I'm a music/lifestyle blogger! I'm now following you!

    P.S. this outfit is adorable!

  3. i never feel like i can pull off the headband thing you look great! yeah sometimes those festivals can be just overpriced stuff but its always fun to be in the atmosphere of a bunch of people!


  4. I love the outfit! I wish our weekend up here in the pacific NW was nice enough for a bit of sunburn! Have a great week!

  5. I loveee the mixed prints in this. So lovely and the headband is really perfect. I look terrible with headbands styled like that, so I'm envious of you!

  6. thanks so much for visiting and comment Chantilly!! I consider it an honor, Your voice is awesome!

  7. I have that same dress!! got it on sale couple years ago for like $20!! love it!!

  8. I love mixing much fun.

    xo erica

  9. I love this outfit!

  10. Anonymous5/22/2012

    Uhh haven't you heard? Pattern mixing is sooo the new pattern matching. ;-) I like your look and I want to copy it entirely for my weekend.
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  11. Love the outfit! SO stylish ;D.

    Oh, I didn't know they made that distinction about what cameras can be let in in an event! Maybe you and/or Matt can get a photography license (not sure it's called that). One of David's best friends got one and they even let him be at the front of concerts the first 3 songs, I believe.

  12. Flippin adorable! I most definitely wouldn't mind owning this whole outfit from head to toe! As much as I wear hair accessories, I never can seem to pull off this look though, but I LOVE it on you. Really sounds like a perfect little Saturday:)

  13. Aw! You look so pretty!! That headband wouldn't work on everyone, but you really pull the look off!

    And again, you're really pretty. ;D


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