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bangs hack

kids, don't try this at home...

chantilly bangs
chantilly bangs 2
chantilly bangs 3

my bangs were totally outta control. something had to be done. now they are totally hacked off, but at least i can postpone my haircut a little longer ;P

it's an overcast, cozy day here in the city. i'll probably require some popcorn and a cheesy movie. on days like these i wish we had cable, so that i could just flip on the lifetime channel and guilty-pleasure myself through the rest of the night.

hope everyone is having a nice weekend ♥


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  1. oh goodness. i've been so, so tempted to do this. my hair is so out of control at this point, i feel like i like inside a bird's nest.

  2. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Love it! I am always in between on my bangs. When they are long i want them short and when they're short I want them long. haha


  3. Super cute job... I want to get my bangs cut but then regret it as soon as i do it... Ugh! Cannot ever make up my mind about hair!

  4. I sooo need to so this also. They're in my eyes constantly, and I love cutting my bangs!

  5. i would love bangs! but my bf doesn't like them (insert snarky voice) lol.. anyway, good for you :-) maybe i can sneak some whispery ones in without him noticing..

    ps.. i'm in BK too

    enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  6. i tend to do things like this too. i've come *this* close to trying to crop my pixie cut shorter, but i'm going to get it cut today. you did a good job though!

  7. my roommate taught me an awesome bang trick, you gather them up, and then twist them together, then you cut up into them with sharp scissors (hold the scissors vertically) . it doesn't look salon perfect, but i've never had the weird too straight thing either. i'm a chronic self bang trimmer.

  8. You did a friggin' awesome job! I trim my bangs in between hair appts but you seriously cut them. Well done miss :)

  9. thanks everyone! i basically did it as a last resort... they were driving me bananas.

    ... and... not knocking myself, but the 'after' is probably the most flattering picture of the lot :P in some of the other photos, it toootally looks like a kindergardener did it. lol. i used to cut my own hair all the time though, so i know after a few washes, it will look normal. still- i do need a real haircut fairly soon.

    rae- interesting method! next time i foray into bang chops, i will do this.


  10. Hahaha! Awesome pics! ;D I had bangs all my life until I decided to get rid of them; when that happened, they become fashionable, of course :/. I used to trim them myself and on a few occasions I made a disaster. It's not as easy as it looks, haha. You've done a great job, though ;).

    Have a great week, Chantilly! ;D

  11. wow you're so brave!! I tried to cut my fringe once and it was a disaster!! You did a really good job tho!

  12. Aw hehe...Looking good Chantilly!

    I just did this too!...actually I did all my hair because I ordered a new pair of cutting shears and they just came in and well I kind of went to town. (Though, it's not nearly as drastic looking as I'm making it sound). I'm with you on the postponing the hair appointment thing...I used to drop over $100 every month going to the salon. Ridiculous. Not in my budget, so sticking to the DIY as long as I can get away with it;).

  13. love your honesty :) plus editing styles! xx bangs hack!


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