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doll house

just another quick post about some prettyness i encountered while browsing through my parent's store last weekend... i noticed they had acquired this doll house. i couldn't not photograph it.

let's take a tour...

doll house 3

doll house 1

doll house 5

doll house 4

doll house 2

my mom made me a (more modest) doll house when i was little, and a jealous friend threw it in my grandparent's pool. i hope that doesn't happen to whoever picks up this beauty :)

on a side note, it's been a busy few days in terms of cd giveaways! i have a few going on this week at delightfully tacky, this enchanted pixie, and mary rebecca! hop on over to each and enter if you want to win.



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  1. I love dollhouses! This is so cute!

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous! The perfect dollhouse! xxx

  3. Ooohh. This is cute!!! ♥

  4. love it! Thanks for the tour!!

  5. Aweee, what a beautiful dollhouse! Look at the wooden floor, wow!

    I can't believe your friend threw yours in a pool! How mean was that?! :O

    And I've seen many bloggers who have turned dollhouses into crafting shelves; they look pretty neat. My favorite, though, is Katie Sokoler's! :)

    Happy midweek, Chantilly! ;D

  6. adorable little house!

  7. OMG I love this doll house so much!!!!!!!! I am your new follower :) please do the same if you like my blog <3

  8. Aawww, that is so cute...I always wanted one of those when I was little...but all I got was a play cooking set :)
    Your blog really is adorable! I am now following you :)

    I´d be very happy if you have time to drop by my blog sometime as well and if you like what you see/read I´d love you to follow me back!

    Have a lovely week!

    xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

  9. The sheer detail in this gem is absolutely breathtaking. Your life is full of pretty things :D

  10. so beautiful!

  11. I would kill that friend.

    This is such a cool dollhouse. I always wanted a really nice one!

  12. I love this sweet little doll house - it very much reminds me of the one my Grandma had in her house when I was a kid. Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  13. grandparents pool? poor you!

    its amazing! i used to have a really big one that got handed down at some stage and the atic was my fave space, the rooks and crannys :)


  14. Eek! Love dollhouses!


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