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the gambler

first of all, thank you everyone for your supportive comments on yesterday's post. i'm not sure how it came across, but if i at all gave the impression of being ungrateful, i sincerely apologize. i know i'm in a position of privilege to even be able to record songs, and feel so incredibly lucky to continue to be involved in music. and extremely lucky to have so many amazing helpers who have supported financially, or through your emails, comments, promotion etc.

i just wanted to address some common fears artists face, and i face as well. it's tough out there, you know? but the fears don't kill me. i get back up and keep going, as i hope most of you do as well :)

anyway... this weekend, i got that distinct feeling that it was time for me to split from the city for a few days. so i decided spur-of-the moment to head home to rhode island. i always take a bus that goes to foxwoods casino, where my parents pick me up. after getting off the bus, coupons for free food and free slot play are handed out.

this time, my dad promptly took me over to this machine:


it is a kenny rogers "the gambler" slot machine.

i gambled away my $15 slot play, drank my free drink, and went home to a cozy feather bed.

while i was there, i also had an opportunity to check out my parent's new store, which contained soooo much good stuff:

hats & boxes
vintage linens 2
dutch linen

i actually ended up taking home that vintage hand towel! upon closer inspection, i noticed that the little dutch couple was actually frowning, which i thought was unusual. "they're realists," commented my mother.

chan mirror 3



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  1. Those boxes are lovely!! I want to put a very specific collection in each one. :-) What's your parents' store?

  2. Haha! They have a Kenny Rogers slot machine?! :P

    Your parents' store looks cool; hope it's doing great!

  3. thanks mary! my parent's store is called waryck family furniture and finds... you'll find a link to it on my sidebar. if you're ever in rhode island, you should stop by and say hi to them! or if there's a particular item you see that you like, i'm sure they could talk about shipping it to you :)

    miki- i was pretty much floored by the kenny rogers slot machine. that's why i needed a picture of it, even a crappy one, and we even got yelled at for taking the pictures. what i want to know is how much he got paid in rights for that. the store is doing okay... we'll see what happens :) xo!

  4. Your parents store looks so rad. I love the desk with the painting on it.

  5. Your pictures are amazing, and your parents' store is just lovely!

    x Jianine

  6. sounds like an amazing weekend. i've never used a lost machine, sounds fun :)


  7. Doll, I hope you had a great weekend with your folks. I would love to have a day playing slots and hanging out in a cool shop like that :)
    toni xo


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