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so here i stand with freshly chopped bangs.

chantilly outfit 2
photos by matthew j. panton

i think an outfit like this is really my everyday uniform. i know it's not very exciting, or vintage, or cutsey, but it's mine. there was a time when i would wear dresses and skirts every single day. but for just walking around the city (which is all the time), i usually find myself falling into the arms of casualness with a bit of quirk: skinny jeans, a cardigan, a scarf, a hat.

the necklace i'm wearing was swiped from my parent's store. it's bright fake-gold tone that's not usually my style, but my mom practically pushed it on me...

((chantilly: "it's too gold!" mom: "sometimes you need something in your life that's too gold."))

ahh, words of wisdom. i figured it would be nice to try something different, so i took it and ran with it :)

chantilly outfit 4 blowfish

chantilly outfit 5

hat- thrifted
cardigan- uniqlo
shirt- urban outfitters
scarf- forever 21
gloves- urban outfitters
necklace- waryck family furniture and finds
jeans- uniqlo
shoes- blowfish
bag- beacon's closet

chantilly outfit 3


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  1. I love your shoes! Haha, I like your mom.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. It's perfect! Love the color combo and those gloves! And your mom was totally right;). I'm the complete opposite when it comes to my daily uniform, it's so rare that I am wearing jeans or any kind of pants these days - I think I just need to find the right pair, but they are either so uncomfortable, too low, or too long..arg. Yeah, I'm picky, I know:). I love how you make a jeans outfit look interesting and cute...and like something I would totally want to wear! xx Marisa

  3. Perfect quote from your mom. I'm putting it in my quote book as "Chantilly's mom", :-)
    PS - the inside of those shoes!!!

  4. Great outfit, love the boots! Noticed your bag is from Beacon's Closet: love that place! Went to the Williamsburg one on a trip to NY a few years back and would LOVE to go back!

  5. i like the necklace! sometimes super gold is good. and i think it's important to have all types of style in the blogging world - everything is inspiring - like i LOVE your gloves, and i love all the colors here. and you look great in a hat

  6. very cool outfit, i love it so much :*

  7. I love comfy, colorful outfits ;). I had stopped wearing jeans because I'm too fat and couldn't stand them anymore. Last week, though, I tried on a pair of those stretchy kind of jeans and they were so not like jeans that I fell in love with them, hehe. Why hadn't I tried them on before?!

    I'm not a fan of gold, but I really do like that necklace. Your mom is totally right ;).

    Have a great week, girl! ;D

  8. The fresh bangs look great! I like your everyday uniform, it looks comfy but stylish and colorful. It's so hard for me to imagine still needing all those layers since we are in the solid 90's in AZ :)


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