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life moments

hey gang. i've just got a few little snaps from around the way lately...

some people made paint blobs on buildings nearby that looked like jellyfish.

jellyfish 3
jellyfish 1

secret cold remedy.


lunch/ coffee at cafe orwell with damon.


more food... a little snack of bread and cheese at home :) (whole foods seaside cheddar rulez.)

bread & cheese

my bear feet.

bear feet

going out to eat w/ my parents... a pic of me & my mom that i really love <3

chen's 3
chen's 2

i have to say- for the past few days i've been feeling a little poopy. maybe it's the weather... it's been grey and rainy here for the past week. i don't know. i've been longing for the past and not living in the present. some deadlines are coming up, and i basically need a gig for the summer... like now.

casey's posts on living by faith have been inspiring me. i think of myself as an overall "spiritual" person... i probably have more in common with new age philosophies than christianity. but her words have been helping me remember that sometimes things are not in our hands. things do not come in our time, or in the ways that we want them to. it's okay, because other amazing things will manifest in ways we never would've thought of. that's some powerful magic stuff.

also, i happened to check in on how my giveaway was going over on elizabeth's blog, and oh my word. i was blown away at some of the kind things that people were saying. i was sure no one would even enter it. if you're a new follower by way of that giveaway, thank you so much. your comments honestly made me cry tears of joy and turned my whole night around.

love and kisses to everyone 4-eva.

what's been going on in your world lately? hope it's great things :)



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  1. I love all these pictures! Is that peanut butter and apples? YUM!

    I'm sorry I have yet to get you my button, I promise I will...I've been SO sick! I just got your CD's in the mail, and once I listen, I'm going to do a little review of them on my blog :D


  2. Cute picture. The peanut butter with the apples on the bread looks great.

  3. Adorable pictures!

    If it makes you feel any better, I have been listening to your CD in my car so much that I am singing along now. It makes me feel better when I am having a stressful day and I can drive home to it.


  4. Mmm apple and peanut butter. Love that picture of you and your mom!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. The picture of you with your mom is wonderful.
    The jelly fish on the wall look really cool and almost on purpose

  6. Wanted to let you know that today at work in my journaling class I played "Escape" while everyone was writing and you got some amazing feedback. :-)

  7. Those Jellyfish...oh my:) These are the little things I miss about living in a city. That bread and cheese looks pretty darn divine. You really always manage to capture such gorgeous food weird does that sound?

    I know what you mean when you talk about things not always happening in our time or the way we want. Hard for me because I'm such a control freak when it comes to myself but my grandmother used to say - all we need is love...and a little faith:) Simple but true.

    WIshing you some sunshine sweet lady! xx Marisa

  8. this is a beautiful post - i love everything about. that picture of you and your mom is just so endearing. and whole foods has the BEST cheese - i miss having a store near me. and i LOVE those slippers. and i've been having a poopy time lately too - not fun!

  9. Awe, I love these photos! I really posts like this one ;).

    Hope you stop feeling poopy! :/ Have you tried taking vitamins?

    I have to read Casey's post! I totally agree to what you said in that last couple of sentences ;).

    And congrats on the giveaway! You deserve many tears of joy ;).

    Thank you SO much for your latest comment; I really, really appreciate it.

    Hope you're ready to start a great weekend!!!

  10. cheer up pretty lady! those jellyfish are coool.

    love how your blog is about food and drink and things that are important, i'm always planning the next meal :)


  11. I love simple meals like that! Bread & cheese lover forever! That pic of you and your mom is really great. Gloomy weather sure can put a damper on the ol' mood- that's why I moved to the sunny desert :) It will be summer soon, lady! xoxo

  12. Anonymous5/11/2012

    Aww,those little bear shoes are so cute! Did you make them?! Btw,thanks for your comment on my blog!


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