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life moments

just a few snaps from here, there, and everywhere...

molly's nails on a pbr bottle.


yummy iced latte on a spring day!

iced coffee

i was giving michelle story prompts for pictures, and they came out pretty funny. like... "imagine you are about to marry this t-rex, but you found out on your wedding night that he cheated on you. with me- your maid of honor. but you still love him. but you are scorned..." etc.

dinosaur michelle
dinosaur michelle 2

friend dinner. more beer. chopping tomatos for sauce.

tomato bud

i left a comment on a blog recently, and she offered to send me a postcard. unfortunately, i lost the blog address... if you're out there, let me know and i'll add it!

shy love

pretty green trees and a blue sky.


i've been wishing for lots more of nature lately. the city feels so binding. i'm dying to go out to some parks and play frisbee, and do cartwheels or something. the good thing is, we're planning a picnic for my birthday, which i think will be pretty great :)

i want friends, summer, laughter, music, and sunshine.

i want love and happiness.

i want to feel sexy and beautiful.

i want my heart to be full of energy and life.

infecting all those around me with joy.



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  1. Oooh, a picnic will be nice! I'm really wanting to go out more too lately, the weather is so beautiful... :) Lovely photos!

    Rose Eva

  2. That's an excellent list of wants.

  3. you don't have to want those things. you ARE those things, missy.

  4. Pictures like the last one of the green tress and blue sky make me so ridiculously happy! Great pictures, as always :) Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  5. Aaww the story prompts photos are SO cute :D Shame on t-rex! ;)

  6. Chantilly! Use the paragraph to write a song!!! ;D It'd make a great song.

    And the third photo is just hilarious, hahaha!

    Tight hugs and a bug thank you for having entered my giveaway! ;D

  7. cutest postcard ever! and lol on the mani/pbr photo :D

  8. Those t-rex shots are hilarious. And cheers to a heart full of overflowing joy, sister.

  9. I'm pretty certain you have accomplished all of these things. I mean, your blog fills me with joy. So.

  10. love the yellow nails. so summery.


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