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morning coffee

it's monday again, pretty people! hope your weekend was wonderful.

i'm coming back from block island today. and since i usually plan my posts a week in advance, this set of pictures is actually from... you guessed it... a week ago. we're traveling back in time!! isn't that exciting?

chan coffee

i met up with my sistagirl maeve for some coffee at my favorite cafe. we had a deep conversation and photo session. except she hates pictures of herself. so most of the photos are of me. (how vain, right?)

oh but look! some nice maeve cameos right here...


maeve legs

splainin' camera settings...


chantilly coffee 4

chan laugh

part II is coming tomorrow. there was a few more pictures i really liked, but for some reason, i don't like including too many pictures in one post. especially when they are all of me.

have a great day, pretties :) xo


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  1. love your hair.. so cute.

  2. LOVE these photos!

  3. mmm i would love to hang out with you and have iced coffee. mmmmmm

    I like the pics of you :) I'm always the one shooting and there ain't pics of me.

    ur sis looks pretty, like you!

    B :)

  4. aww, thanks! and well, she's not actually my sister... just my sista :) but we do have a similar haircut, i guess. xx

  5. Awe, good coffee with a close friend! There are not many things better than that!

    Love the photos and the way you've done your hair! ;D

    Have a fun week!

  6. Love these photos, Chantilly! They're inspiring for me b/c I'm tryyyyying to figure out my new (to me) 1st DSLR. So. Looking forward to Part II! :)


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