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piano girl

even though i haven't played the piano in years, i still like to pose by them.

kave cafe brooklyn
photos by maeve ryan

... a continuation of the lovely photos from monday :) this piano is located at kave cafe in brooklyn, which is my absolute fave. it's literally the best coffee shop i've come across in the city.

having a piano there is great, because sometimes people just start playing it randomly! recently, someone decided to sit down and bust out some songs. another guy pulled out his guitar, and started playing elliott smith covers. before we knew it, it turned into a singalong with our side of the cafe singing to "say yes" and "angeles!"

kave cafe brooklyn

maybe i should start practicing and try to play again?

kave cafe brooklyn

by the way, i must tell you/ warn you. we took a small trip and had a really beautiful time in block island for memorial day weekend :) there are lots of pictures. LOTS. of pictures. next week will probably be completely dedicated to block island pictures. but they will be pretty. i do promise you that :)



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  1. I love when people start playing random songs in coffee shops like that. There is something so perfect about a moment like that!

  2. that is SO cute, that sounds like something out of a movie. i want to be trapped in a sing-along too. it looks like a really sweet cafe, super cute post!

  3. oh i want to play so bad! do practise and play again :) i cant wait till i have a piano at home again (flat city living is abit rubbish)

    pretty pics :) piano hot girl porN! hehe


  4. I love the last picture so much, it's soo cute!

  5. What an awesome coffee shop! And, YES, you should definitely practice playing the piano! And go there and record a video! :p

    Can't wait to see the photos of your trip ;).

    Hugs and happy midweek!

  6. Now that is truly my kind of coffee shop! I am both in love with these dreamy photos and that piano! I'm especially a sucker for old ones like that. How long did you play for? If I were there I think I would have sat down to play for a bit too ...I'm really shy, but that is one thing I just couldn't help but do.

    You look really beautiful lady! I swear these photos could be in a music magazine:) xx Marisa

  7. That last photo of you laughing is gorgeous! What a fun time...singalongs and what not...I'm going to live vicariously through you and all the fun you have!

    Can't wait to see the photos from your trip!

    PS - I play the piano...its why I got my treble/bass clef tattoos :) Man...I've had those 2 tattoos for almost 10 years! Wowza.


  8. pretty picture's i love it. :) http://lovesimplegreen.blogspot.com/

  9. Great photos and I love the story too - I would love to see and hear random people just start playing

  10. It must be dreamy playing on this one! I play now and then the piano but my flute is my all the time loved one!! :)

    (I love every room that has bricks on the wall, everything is so cool about them)

    love,  In Whirl of Inspiration

  11. Ah, Elliott Smith. Love. Maybe you should start playing again, you do look great with a piano... I took lessons for 8 years as a kit but was never really into it because it was classical music- which is still not really my thing. It sure has helped with learning accordion though! I love your top!

  12. So nice pictures! I love them!

  13. Why you gotta be so darn cute, girl?! Love these pictures.
    PS- I can't believe that, after living in New York for 6 years, I never visited Block Island. Excited to live vicariously through you!


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