May 29, 2012

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shining some starlight on the beautiful ladies that help keep the little bloggy going :) this month, say hello to sarah, barny, marisa, and roxy. if you stop by their wonderful spaces and say hello, you get a big cyber lollipop. but you would want to do so without the extra incentive, since they're all so awesome :)

marvelous darling
sarah n.

I'm Sarah of, and my blogging adventure has been pretty amazing so far! I blog about sex-positivity, relationships, my job in adult retail, and being a twenty-something. The best part of being part of the blogosphere so far has definitely been making new friends, and I'm always looking to meet more!



Hi I'm Barny, or Barnicles :)
I LOVE creating, it’s like milk to my coffee, and I like sharing skills and ideas. My blog is a work in progress, following exploration and adventures - photography, needlepoint, baking, sewing, knitting and more.


red label ally hoot

Hello there, I'm Marisa and I run the lil ol Etsy shop, Allyhoot Vintage. I'm just another whimsical-hearted gal who adores making music and going on little adventures with my husband and son. I have an affinity for vintage dresses, starry nights, and silly hats...oh and I love to explore! When I'm not spending the day scouting out my next sweet vintage darling, I'm probably baking up something sweet or blogging right here...or getting lost somewhere in a Hemingway novel:) Pop on by and say hello if you feel so inclined.



hi! my name is roxy. :) if you are interested in photographs, roller derby, sewing, travel, and pets, then you might be interested in me. and i am probably interested in you. <3



♥ listen to my new record on bandcamp


  1. Anonymous5/29/2012

    I like this post, the photo's are so cute!

  2. awesome post :) thank you. I've gone and added the others to my reader



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