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sunday songs ~ the national

this is a super-late version of sunday songs for all you night owls out there. i was just watching the infamous blackwater episode of game of thrones tonight (the wildfire scene was awesome, though nothing can beat the book.)

... and how cool is it that the national wrote and performed the rains of castamere for the show?!

pretty darn cool...

that's all for now. see ya tomorrow :))


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  1. I watch it today, oh my I think the season will end and we will be like... eehhh....what? Who waits for another year? :D
    So, have you read the books? Are worth to be read, I thinking a lot about it I can't wait another year!

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  2. Oh that's cool, i didn't know that. I'm only halfway through the first season, so actually this reminds me of that I should go on watching it, ha! ;)

  3. yes, i have read the books! all but dwd. they are crazy. absolutely nuts. but GOOD. the battle scene in this episode was great... but in the book, it is just brutal.

    and that's originally why i got to reading the books. i was done with season 1, and was couldn't kill my curiousity as to what happened next!

  4. Okay so it took me a week to finally get a chance to listen to this video but I'm so glad I did! Goosebumps! Also, you read the books, right? Not looking forward to the next time we hear that song...


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