June 29, 2012

What I Love About Me ~ Amy of Vanagon Champion

what i love about me

this summer, i am hosting a new weekly series called the what i love about me series. my vision is to get a variety of women talking about their favorite part of themselves. It could be a physical quality, an awesome ability, personality trait, etc. :)

i hope to help reverse negative conditioning from society, and promote women realizing and celebrating the positive aspects of themselves.

read on about this week's amazing woman, amy of vanagon champion.

As a huge advocate for any and every self-love cause, I am so honored to be guest posting here on Chantilly's blog. I do believe completely and wholly that learning to love ourselves--every single part of us, both physical and mental--is the most important goal we can accomplish. We are too often told that it's not ok to like ourselves or be proud of ourselves, but I'm with Chantilly--we are something to be celebrated, and we should love ourselves and praise ourselves as the beautiful women we are.

That all being said, one thing I love about myself is my passion. Ever since I was little, I've given 110% to every little thing I've ever loved. I don't just love music--I live and breathe music. And when it comes to hobbies or interests, I'm not just a casual observer--I'm a full-fledged addict. I believe that my passion is what has made me who I am today. It's helped me forge lifelong friendships with people sharing similar passions, it's allowed me to excel in school, and it's ultimately landed me several jobs in different fields I'm interested in.

My passion is what gets me out of bed in the morning, and it's what makes me feel alive. And my biggest passion--my 1984 Westfalia Vanagon--is currently making me the happiest I've ever been. I give my heart fully to things, and whether or not it hurts me in the end, I at least feel and love with all my heart. And that's something I love about myself.



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June 28, 2012

Sponsor spotlight

these are my awesome, wonderful june sponsors. each one is a special gem that i highly recommend getting to know! visit their shops, comment, and spread the love :)

lust for life
baltimore time 24 (62)

Blurb: Hey, I'm Mary! I'm in love with color, snail mail, street art, and anything glittery. I like to keep track of goals and share my inspiration. I also love to hear what inspires you, I'd love if you came over and shared that with me!


red label lala

Hello! I'm Lisa from lala faux bois, a blog about my obsessions with traveling, vintage, and making stuff. I have dreams of seeing the world, but most the time you can find me petting my kitties or thrifting my heart out.


red label ally hoot

Hello there, I'm Marisa Noelle and I run the lil ol Etsy shop, Allyhoot Vintage. I'm just another whimsical-hearted, vintage loving gal who adores making music, exploring the great outdoors, and indulging in sugary confections. Pop on over and say hello if you feel so inclined.



hi! my name is roxy. :) if you are interested in photographs, roller derby, sewing, travel, and pets, then you might be interested in me. and i am probably interested in you. <3



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June 27, 2012


doing a diy moccasin was a cool idea that came to my attention after i saw this tutorial on just love.ly things. of course, it's not a true "diy," since it's just a kit you buy at michaels.

still, i was intrigued enough to try it...

ez leathercraft moccasins diy

(of course, thenonious always gets into whatever it is i'm doing.)

ez leathercraft moccasins diy

the instructions seemed complicated, but with some effort, could be followed alright.

a half-completed moccasin-

ez leathercraft moccasins diy

i also got a little strip of leather and made a heart cutout for embellishment!

ez leathercraft moccasins diy

the leather of the embellishment and the moc ended up being too similar. so i just painted around the edges with some acrylic paint. i then sealed the deal with some tacky glue, and connected the heart cutout and moc for lyfe.

look how pretty!

ez leathercraft moccasins diy

ez leathercraft moccasins diy

if you're wondering how these moccasins hold up as actual footwear, here's my review-

i wore them out to the lower east side one night. first of all, i was afraid that since they are soft soles, they'd rip like a piece of paper... not the case! i could walk in them just fine.

as for comfort, they rival my minnetonkas... with the slight lead going to the kit moccasins! only problem was the inside laces rubbing up against my toes after awhile, which was totally bearable. i think it might've been because i picked a size too small.

but don't get too excited.... at the end of the night, one of the heels started coming undone. i'll have to re-tie it with another cord, and i think i'll probably glue it this time too, just to be sure.

also, after a night on the town, these definitely looked much more worn than when i first put them on. i'm afraid i'll only be able to wear them on short errands and around the house. sadly, these just aren't made for the wear and tear of everyday city life... which is basically what i require out of all my shoes.

i'm still glad i made them. they are so cute, and i feel like you can make a dozen variations with different embellishments. i had fun, and i'd say they're worth a try! i'd pick up this kit again and do another embellishment fer shure (if it were on sale...)

ez leathercraft moccasins diy


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June 26, 2012

Ally Hoot Vintage Giveaway!

My beautiful sponsor (and friend :) Marisa is giving away a suitcase from her amazing vintage store Ally Hoot Vintage!!

ally hoot 2
ally hoot

Can I tell you what an amazing prize this is? I have the most boring suitcases, so I would LOVE to own this lovely vintage suitcase... you guys are lucky!!


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Thank you and good luck!!

Shop - Allyhoot Vintage
Blog: The Shades of Monet Chronicles


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June 25, 2012

CD release outfit

this post is being written as i'm checking the internet for the first time since i've been at camp... three days. that feels like an eternity in internet time. things are VERY busy, and i feel so disconnected from it. i miss being able to read all my favorite blogs and check all my feeds frequently.

at the same time, we're doing so many activities. i'm constantly around people, pushing my mind and body to it's limits. it feels so wonderfully amazing to be connected with life in this way.

anyway! i haven't written about my cd release party yet, which i will probably do at some point. i know there wasn't a live stream as i had suggested at one point, but there is some video! i don't know when i'll be able to get that to you, since i'm so busy. in the meantime, here's a quick peek at what i wore :)

forever 21 dress

chan outfit 3

chan outfit 5

hope everyone had a beautiful weekend :) xoxo


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June 22, 2012

self check-in days

kave cafe brooklyn
kave cafe, brooklyn

i don't know what it is about coffee and cafes... but ever since i was a tween, they've seemed like an oasis in the desert of life. a place you can go to be yourself and meditate on important things. i got my first few glimpses of real independence in local coffee shops.

my first experience was at a little place in my hometown called "coffee, tea, and thee." i'd passed by it a thousand times, and it always intrigued me. the barista/ owner was a nice mom-type. and in a town where i always felt like a wierdo, i felt perfectly welcome there. that day, i realized that i wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life lounging at that counter, reading magazines, and writing in my journal. centering myself.

a few years later, woody's cafe opened downtown... i was now old enough to walk around town by myself. this is the place that caused me to realize the delicious reality of hazelnut iced coffee.

i still go out to cafes whenever i can- nearly daily. when i bring my laptop (most of the time), i'm working. but sometimes all i need is a journal, a book, maybe my to-do list. i like to solidify plans for the future, and get excited about ideas again. or just write about my girl-emotions, and doodle the name of my crush all over my notebook.

i need these days. they keep my emotions in check, and keep me excited about the future, rather than fearful of it.

in what ways do you take care of yourself? what are some important rituals for you?


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June 21, 2012

Summer of Self Love

hey guys and girls,

i don't know if you heard, but amy from vanagon champion is doing a wonderful summer self love series this week, and i am guest posting! i love amy, and i really believe in this idea.

so check it out!

self love

chantilly piano 2


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June 19, 2012

Sponsor ChantillySongs!

sponsor july

hey gang! right now i'm off at my first week of camp training, and it's been wonderful so far! i've got a little treat for you if you're interested...

in light of the fact that i won't be "all there" in onlineland this summer, and am anticipating a lighter blogging schedule in these next few months, i wanted to make it up to those interested in sponsoring me. therefore, if you purchase a july sponsorship, you get august for free. that's two months for the price of one!

go on ahead to my sponsor page for more info on stats, as well as who's been talking about me/ my blog/ my music. email me if you have any questions! i would be honored to have you.



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June 18, 2012

ditsy floral

chan outfit 1
photos by nicole graf

hello friends! by now, i'm in new jersey, starting my first week of training for camp! i just wanted to share with you these photos that my my dear friend coley took. she came down to visit me last week, and we had a great time :) i thought this building was a nice place to take some photos in front of, and she obliged :)

chan outfit 2

some new clothes for camp were a necessity, and i sort of fell in love with this shirt. i never shop for new clothes, and being a starving artist, it's hard for me to rationalize spending money on them. however, i don't think i'll lose much sleep over this purchase :)

chan outfit 4

chan outfit 6

hat- urban outfitters
sunnies- random shop on block island
necklace- f21
shirt- f21
cardi- thrifted
skirt- american apparel
fishnet knee-highs- c/o we love colors
bag- beacon's closet
mocs- minnetonka

chan outfit 3

hope your week is off to a great start :)



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June 15, 2012

life moments

some pictures of life lately~

i finally dove into the challenging world of smartphones! after having my old one called "archaic," i was pretty much shamed into it. new phone on the left, old one on the right.

cell phones

been playing ukulele a bunch.


new cozy thermals from the american apparel warehouse.

american apparel thermals

strawberry candles that i dug out while looking for my birth certificate! i forgot i had them.

strawberry candles

i read somewhere that animals who show you their bellies put a lot of trust in you. she lays like this 50% of the time.


an owl dish that i picked up at michael's for only $1.50!! i'm only sad his face is eventually going to be covered in trinkets.

owl trinket dish

thelonious, looking gorgeous.

gorgeous thelonious

arugula salad with goddess dressing. so good. plus i just love "goddess" anything.

goddess salad

birthday flowers from an admirer :)

birthday flowers 2

hope you're having a good day :)


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