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cd release rehearsals!!


i can't recall if i've ever told the story of owen here- he's a bassist that i met on a midnight bus from nyc to maine on one thanksgiving eve.

we both had our instruments with us, and were standing next to each other in line. i could feel him eyeing me. not in a "i'm checking you out" kinda way... but in a "hey, you're another musician!" kinda way. if you play an instrument and carry it around with you in the city, you probably recognize the situation :)

eventually, he asked me what kind of guitar i played, and we had a friendly chat. after the holiday we miraculously kept in touch, and have been playing together on and off ever since!

we got together last week to practice the songs on the EP, as well as some new ones.

bass owen 2

bass owen

then afterwards, we had the girls rehearsal :)



please excuse this messy, blurry picture... i had been drinking whiskey since 4pm with owen and forgot how to operate a camera :) however, it's the only semi-decent one of the girls.

we practiced on my floor, and by the end, i was laying on it. wish i got THAT picture! (no, that would've been horrible...)


i'm really, really excited for this!! come if you can- it's this saturday, and the facebook invitation is here.

ps, the winner of the barnicles giveaway is sarah of the zoo. yay!
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  1. Wish I lived in the city so I could come! GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. It looks like fun. If I was anywhere near there I would love to go to the release party. I'm sure it's going to sound great! Enjoy every minute!

  3. If it's even half the fun that we have at our jam nights then you're onto a good thing lol.

  4. I like the story of how you met :). And I so wish I could go see you on Saturday! Are you going to be able to stream it somewhere? That'd be so cool!

    All the best vibes! :D

    1. unfortunately, streaming is not possible :( the cameras we have won't work for that... we need a webcam or something. but i think matt will be taping a few songs, and they'll eventually end up here! xoxo

  5. Chan..I won't be able to make it..Mom stuff came up:(..Im so sorry and hope to see you soon and snag a cd..Just love your music:)


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