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there was a lot of seafood to be had. oh, boy. we ended up going to rebecca's a lot! this was an amazing and less expensive place than a lot of other fancy restaurants on the island.

rebecca's take out block island

clam cakes! these are a new england summer staple. if you've never had them, they are basically just big balls of seafood-flavored fried dough. they are delish.

rebecca's takeout clam cakes

shrimp roll.

rebecca's takeout shrimp roll

i REALLY loved this coffee shop... but i love all coffee shops :P we stopped here on our way to the ferry back, and i wish we could've sat just awhile longer. the vibe was laid back and island-y, mon.

juice n java block island

i was basically "the dude" during the whole trip... drank white russians the entire time. except for that one time when i ordered a pina colada and regretted it.

mohegan cafe and brewery block island

they also had an afternoon "wine hour" at our bed and breakfast. a nice cup of wine and some hors d' oeuvres, while overlooking the sea :) doesn't this picture sound so beautiful? like something out of a novel?

blue dory inn wine



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  1. These clam cakes seem like mini cheese fried balls and they seem so delicious :P (>>this tongue means that I am hungry :D )

     In Whirl of Inspiration

    1. mmm, i can only imagine how yummy they'd be with cheese!

  2. Sounds lovely, the picture of the clam cakes is making me feel so hungry!
    Faye x

    1. i miss them just looking at them.

  3. that place looks perfect

  4. Mmm ... Bad post to have seen right before midday, haha! Jk!

    And that last photo is great! :P

    Now I also want wine. Thank you very much! Hehe.

  5. Mmhh this sounds and looks so wonderful and delicious! :)

  6. haha love that you were the Dude!

  7. This little getaway looks and sound amazing! Wine tasting with ocean views, the kitties you mentioned in your last post, yummy seafood! I also find myself being "the dude" and I don't mind at all! I'll be drinking some sort of whiskey while my boyfriend sips a nice minty mojito haha! Thanks so much for sharing, so fun to look through on a dreary work day!
    xo Hannah

  8. Yum! I'm feeling very hungry now.

  9. Anonymous6/05/2012

    Your adventures sounds so lovely. I'm jealous! Can you take me with you! Grrhhh for sitting in an office ALL DAY LONG!

  10. looks amazing! loving the photos, ur pretty edits make them look like a novel!

    I have never tried seafood like that, and i am obsessed with seafood! hehe one day


  11. Your getaway sounds amazing!
    The food looks so good, and I just love the last photo.


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