June 28, 2012

Sponsor spotlight

these are my awesome, wonderful june sponsors. each one is a special gem that i highly recommend getting to know! visit their shops, comment, and spread the love :)

lust for life
baltimore time 24 (62)

Blurb: Hey, I'm Mary! I'm in love with color, snail mail, street art, and anything glittery. I like to keep track of goals and share my inspiration. I also love to hear what inspires you, I'd love if you came over and shared that with me!


red label lala

Hello! I'm Lisa from lala faux bois, a blog about my obsessions with traveling, vintage, and making stuff. I have dreams of seeing the world, but most the time you can find me petting my kitties or thrifting my heart out.


red label ally hoot

Hello there, I'm Marisa Noelle and I run the lil ol Etsy shop, Allyhoot Vintage. I'm just another whimsical-hearted, vintage loving gal who adores making music, exploring the great outdoors, and indulging in sugary confections. Pop on over and say hello if you feel so inclined.



hi! my name is roxy. :) if you are interested in photographs, roller derby, sewing, travel, and pets, then you might be interested in me. and i am probably interested in you. <3



♥ listen to my new record on bandcamp

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