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camp performance

during staff week, anyone who wanted to perform could sign up for the staff concert. i ended up recruiting my new bff victoria to play viola with me to my song "what you do to me." i also got to perform it when the kids got here, which was even more insane!

chantilly sings
photos by graham zinger

chantilly sing

i haven't performed in front of that many people in such a long time. it was also wonderful to have such a supportive audience, and everyone really liked it... i even sold cd's!

it's weird... in new york, EVERYONE has self-released an album. in professional musician land, it's kind of an expectation that you have one. if you don't... you MUST find a way to make it happen. it's not even a question.

but at camp, people were completely bowled over, and i was kind of a rock star for a hot second. people wouldn't believe i didn't have a record deal. one girl swore she saw my cd at best buy.

chantilly sing 2

i guess it goes to show you... i've worked so hard at everything i do, and have sacrificed a lot for my dreams. yet there's always someone who has released more cd's, has toured, has better connections, etc. i get caught up in the comparing game, and never feel good enough about my level of "success."

these pictures are beautiful, and remind me that what i do is worthwhile. having the ability to light up a room full of people IS a big deal. releasing two cd's is a huge deal!

some people are amazed simply because you do the things you do.



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  1. You ARE a rock star ALWAYS! :D I'm so glad you're living this cool experience; you deserve the world!

  2. amazing!!! this is a great experience, you are very talented :)

  3. wonderful photos! it's amazing how you're getting yourself out there, really inspiring! xx

    Rose Eva

  4. What a sweet story, it's always nice to have a moment when you feel so right about what you do!
    Faye x

  5. What an amazing experience you had :)


  6. BEAUTIFUL reflection, Chantilly!!

  7. Anonymous7/18/2012

    Plus, it's extremely rewarding and super joyous to play your music for people who haven't heard it :D Fun!

  8. You have so much to be proud of. I'm glad you can see that. <3

  9. That's awesome Chantilly! Sounds like a magical evening full of plenty of love & happy feelings:) I can definitely see how all the hard work pays off in moments like these. Hope you're having an amazing time at camp! xx Marisa

  10. Kids are the best, but remember that you are already a rockstar!

  11. You're some kind of awesome. It looks like a blast! Your blog always gives me the itch to preform again. Love it.

  12. These photographs are so beautiful!
    I think you're a rockstar already :]


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