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good morning everyone! how have you been? so i finally have a minute to tell you guys what i've been up to this summer and things happening at camp!

to start off, here is the bunk I live in:


it's an old chicken coop. i share the space with three other girls. as an adult who has been living in her own apartment for some time, i'm used to having things a certain way. i'm definitely an "i need my space" type of person. at first, i was afraid about the lack of it. but i got used to it pretty quickly!

the cabins are… rustic, to put it nicely. there's a few daddy longlegs i've befriended in the shower. my arms and legs are full of bites. it's full of bugs and dirt and charm, and i love it.

another thing: the schedule. it's crazy. it's 12-14 hour days. it's fun work, but exhausting. i teach two guitar classes, a rock band ensemble, and a songwriting class six days a week. plus we're all responsible for other duties such as planning events, running workshops, and supervising the camp.

one of my favorite pieces of magic here are the fireflies. our bunk is right by the edge of the forest, and every night there's tons of fireflies blinking all the way up to the tallest tree. I've never seen anything like it. the trees look like they're glittering in the dark.

some other scenes from around:

rock cedar



graham hand


fly swatter




I've already made some AMAZING friends that I'll be really sad to be leaving behind when I go home :( but some of them actually live in new york, so i hope to be keeping in touch :)

hope everyone out there has been having a wonderful summer!



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  1. looks great and very beautiful! hope you are enjoying it a lot

  2. It sounds pretty amazing, it must be quite a change from hectic city life!
    Faye x

  3. This sounds (and looks) wonderful. Your description of the fireflies is magical :) Have fun!

  4. I love how you used the word "rustic" haha. It looks like a great place for summer memories. I'm sure you'll keep in touch with your new found friends. That's a great part of having a new adventure, meeting new people.

  5. Awe, Chantilly! It's so cool to hear from you and to see what the camp is like :D. I'm happy to know you're busy doing what you know to do best!

    Tight hugs!

  6. ohhh how i love camp! and converted chicken house-- haha LOVE it!

  7. Anonymous7/09/2012

    How awesome! I bet those kids would be having fun. And the big kids :). Enjoy!

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  9. This sounds amazing! Happy summer to you!

  10. Sounds like you are having an amazing summer!


  11. This is so neat Chantilly! I've been away from blog-land the last week or so...I haven't even read any blogs so I hope I didn't miss too much!

    This is so Parent least that's what I'd like to believe because I love that movie and the camp that it starts out in!

    This is such a great adventure and experience...I'm so happy for you!

  12. awe camping! Always so much fun!!!!


  13. It seems this camp is treating you well and maybe like just what you needed? I hope it continues to go well and give you a summer full of the best kinds of memories.

  14. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE A CAMP TEACHER. I remember having such amazing times at sleep-a-way camp. I wish that we had been cool enough to have music classes or even a music camp. I bet you're the cool chick rocker-teacher. Am I right?!

  15. awww sounds AWESOME! i've never been to camp.

    xx cool pics, nice to see where u are :)

    do u have a pic of the inside of the bunks? looks quaint but nice.


  16. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing peeks into your camp home, what a fun experience. I lived in Rochester, NY for a summer and there were so many fireflies- I loved it! We don't have them on the west coast so it was so cool to see them in real life :)

  17. This looks so cool! I always wanted to go to summer camp as a kid, so I am kind of jealous! I love places with character like that. And I'm also jealous of the fireflies! I'm not really near a forest where I live currently and I miss them! Hope you're having a great time :)


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