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campfire nights

we usually have a campfire about once a week. i've only really been to the first one so far, because they're always on my time off. first night was unseasonably cold. everyone was huddling around the fire, trying to stay warm.

campfire 4

campfire 3

somehow i found a guitar and started walking, noodling around, figuring out covers.

the s'mores were flowing like champagne.

everyone was mesmerized by the fire.

campfire 1

what a wonderful place this is.



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  1. Oh I miss having campfires! We used to have a little fire/cook out every Friday night at our old house. Such great memories. I love the fire photos, mesmerizing.

  2. That is a sexy looking fire. In other words, nifty picture there. Now you make me want to go camping. Or have a bonfire.

  3. Sounds so fun! I have yet to have a campfire this summer!!!! LAME

  4. That last photo is awesome!

  5. "The s'mores were flowing like champagne" might be my favorite line ever!


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