July 04, 2012

Guest post ~ Mary from Lust for Life

happy 4th of july, everyone!! today, mary is guest posting for me :)) let's give her a lot of love. xoxo

Hello readers of Chantilly Songs! I'm Mary and I'm really excited to have my own words in such a fun space.

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Every Wednesday I make a list of things that made me happy in the past week, but today I want to share with you a list of things that makes me happy always, no matter what.

+ humongous lollipops
+ googly eyes
+ snail mail
+ glitter under any circumstance
+ bright colors in fun patterns
+ old pianos
+ yarnbombing and other forms of street art
+ mix CDs made with thought
+ long and inspiring lists
+ Keri Smith
+ magic wands
+ cats, dogs, sloths, any animals
+ ferris wheels
+ maps
+ twinkle lights
+ trips to Baltimore
+ patterned leggings
+ functioning organization systems
+ root beer
+ It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
+ sidewalk chalk
+ dancing
+ party supplies

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I'd love for you to stop by my blog and tell me what inspires you or makes you happy.


♥ Mary
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  1. Wonderful list, Mary! I love mix tapes too. Usually make one for my vacation each year:D


    1. They're great for any occasion! We should do a swap!

  2. Awe, yay, Mary! :D It's nice to see you here! Love your list and as you already know, your spirit!

    Hope you're both getting ready to have an awesome week! ;D


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