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restringing your guitar

i'm always doing diy's, so today i thought i'd share with you a music diy... how to change your guitar strings! seriously, this was a mystery to me for so long. so for those not in the know, here is a very simplified version of how to do it.

you need a pair of pliers, some wire cutters, and some guitar strings. and of course, a guitar.

changing guitar strings

1. loosen all the strings on your guitar, and clip them near the bridge (the bottom part.) i always skip the clipping part, but it's safer if you do... if there's still tension in the strings, and they let loose, they can whip you!
2. take out the pegs with your pliers.

changing guitar strings

the cats LOVE when i change my guitar strings...

changing guitar strings

changing guitar strings

3. take out the old strings, and untangle them from the tuners (on the top of the guitar.)
4. one at a time- insert new strings in the peg holes, in their correct placements (E, A, D, G, B, E)
5. insert pegs back into place, with the groove of the peg facing the string. push them down hard, so that the new strings will not slip out.

changing guitar strings

6. bring each string all the way up the neck, and through the corresponding guitar tuner at the headstock. to tune to the correct pitch, turn the tuners so that they are going clockwise on the right side, and counter-clockwise on the left side.
7. clip the excess string off the tuners when you are done.

this is the weirdest part, and the first time i saw someone do it, i thought they were nuts! you have to stretch your guitar strings- otherwise, they will go out of tune easily. you do this by taking each string and giving it a good pull!

changing guitar strings

you are sufficiently ready. now go take your guitar and your sassy self up on stage, and act the fool. as i have done here.

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  1. Thanks so much for this! I have always wanted to know how to do this. I was a classroom music teacher for years but there was always a handy guitar tutor around so I never learned.

    Now I know :)


  2. I used to hate doing this when I "played guitar." I used to always brib a band mate to do it for me haha. If I ever decide to pick up the guitar again this is going to come in handy. Thanks!! <3

  3. Awesome DIY. I keep my strings on LONG past the point at which I should change them, because I always find it to be a hassle. Totally going to follow your directions next time!

  4. Hey Chantilly! Thanks! This is awesome! I've been thinking about this for weeks. Was going to make a trip into the store but you've shown me how to do it now! YAY!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey

  5. Anonymous7/05/2012

    I didn't know how to do that for a while, either! Thankfully classical guitar class came to the rescue. I love how you ended this post! :)


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