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star headband

i know this was posted a long time ago, but did anyone notice the rad headbeand i was wearing for my cd release outfit?? i proudly made and wore that headband :)

all my friends insisted i go "glam" for the release. but i really wanted to wear a headband, even though it reads as more hippie/ hipster. i decided to compromise by throwing some glitter on one, and calling it good :)

super secret about myself: i love glitter! i stifle my love for glitter most of the time. i think it can look tacky. however, i loved the idea of a sparkly accent for my special day.

i had some scrap leather pieces, so i just drew stars on them like so-

star band 1

next, i cut out the stars with a regular ole' pair of scissors, and glittered them with tacky glue.

star bands 2

i then used glue to attach the stars to my headband. voila! easy peasy leather/ glitter headband. i only ended up doing one star, just because i didn't like the way two looked together. i'm sure there are soo many other shapes and textures you could try with this!

star band 3

have a fantastic day, loved ones :)


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  1. Oh I love this headband! It's so simple and beautiful and it look great on you :)

  2. Love this headband!!!!! I share your secret love of glitter! I try to restrain myself, but I'm a total magpie (sparkle, sparkle!). My friend calls glitter 'the herpes of craft' - she kills my glitter buzz hahaa!
    Secret glitter bombers forever!
    Sway xxx

  3. congrats for being blogger of the day at iBlog4me. :)

  4. Ah I love glitter too! ...and this!
    Great idea :)

    The Lovelorn

  5. I like that its so cute and petite. I'm not one for glitter but my daughter would flip for it! Super cute.

  6. love it! totally going to try this. i can't afford a giant dwarf one atm so will be original and make my own :)

    Barnicles x

  7. Oooh I love this! Just the right touch of glam :)


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