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violet & jade

i pretty much kill every plant i come across, but these two have actually stuck around. i thought i'd give them a treat and makeover their pots!

painted plant pot

the playaz.


hot tipp: i had to use about three coats of paint to completely cover the terra cotta pots. with the violet i did a color block, but with jade plant, i wanted to cute it up with the hearts.

then i used chalkboard paint to make a little place where you can write the name of the plant!

painted plant pot

i'm no painter, so i wasn't so good at doing the swirly white lining, but i think it's close enough :)

painted plant pot

i might sound like a weirdo, but i think violet and jade would sound like really pretty names for a pretty lesbian couple. hell, maybe my plants are lesbians? just look at those two crazy kids together...

painted plant pot

it's love 4-eva.

ps, the winner of the ally hoot vintage giveaway is angie! congrats! i've already emailed you :)


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  1. Those planters are adorable and they make a lovely couple ;) I kill everything I try and plant. I've even managed to kill a cactus... yeah... My daughter has been able to keep a little plant alive.that she grew from a seed. I'm impressed, maybe she didn't get my by gardening skills. Haha.

  2. haha aw this is such a cute idea :) i especially love the hearts!

  3. Anonymous7/11/2012

    Chalkboard paint has to be one of the coolest things ever! It turned out super cute :)

  4. How adorable!
    I love chalkboard paint.

  5. When I worked at a builders merchant they'd reduced some kitchen tiles to like 10p for a box of 18 tiles so I bought them and then bought two terracotta flower pots. With a hammer and tile adhesive I covered these pots in like a mosaic kind of way. My Mum still has them in her garden with plants in.

  6. Aww these are so adorable! I somehow manage to kill all plants that enter my home too : ( Dizzang!

  7. Hahahaha, a couple of lesbian plants? That made me laugh. Also, have you realized you wrote Vioet instead of violet on the pot? ;)

    Have a great weekend, girl! ;D Miss ya!

  8. Haha, well after you mentioned it those names sound like they could make a pretty sexy lesbian couple, haha. But this is cute; I have the same problems with my plants! Maybe one day I'll be able to keep one alive :)


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