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What I love about me ~ Roxy from Grrrfeisty

what i love about me

this summer, i am hosting a new weekly series called the what i love about me series. my vision is to get a variety of women talking about their favorite part of themselves. It could be a physical quality, an awesome ability, personality trait, etc. :)

i hope to help reverse negative conditioning from society, and promote women realizing and celebrating the positive aspects of themselves.

read on about this week's amazing woman, roxy of grrfeisty.


A couple years ago, I watched a movie. And then I watched it 10 more times. Whip It.

My whole life I have been feisty. It’s the perfect word to describe me. A little shy at times, but once you get my riled up – FEISTY. Sometimes it’s appropriate, and sometimes it is not. After I saw Whip It for the first time, a movie featuring a LOT of roller derby, I knew I had found the perfect release for my feistiness :)


It has been almost 2 years since I started playing roller derby and my first season is almost over. I have made so many new friends, and learned SO much about the sport and about myself. Though it is a costly sport, and I have to drive a lot more than usual, I do not regret a minute of it. I can see improvements in skills that used to give me trouble and help others along the way. Though I still struggle with your typical body issues, my confidence has grown. My large…posterior has a purpose now! My short stature comes in handy! And I can wear spandex and just not care. :)

roller derby

Roller Derby teaches you about healthy living and increasing your self-confidence. If you think you can tough it out, research a league in your area. It’s totally worth it.

♥ Roxy from GrrFeisty


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  1. I really want to see Whip It! and maybe when I do I'll be inspired to try it out - it sounds like fun x

  2. Oh my heavens! LOVE Whip It! LOVELOVELOVE roller derby! Whip It made me go to my first bout and I haven't turned back! I haven't joined the sport (yet), but I've been to every home bout for our girls for the last season and a half and I just can't get enough. Not only is the game just so much fun to watch, but the women on skates are amazing. Amazing athletes, amazing people.

    Great, great post - thank you for it! :)


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