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hey again, all my blogger and internet people that i miss super-a-lot :)

i've been thinking about the fact that i haven't been able to get any style posts to you guys. i feel sad about this. i did bring some cute clothes with me. the problem is that i just cannot look cute here.

i know that sentence sounds like i'm fishing for compliments, but nope. the heat is brutal, and my hair becomes frizzy in record time. there's really no point in doing my makeup, because it all comes off when you start to sweat, which is about a half hour after breakfast.

{{end rant}}

now it's time to talk about the really amazing friendships i've forged (some of which may actually last!), and experiences i've had so far. i think coming to this place has been exactly what i needed. the walls i've built up over years of living in the city have slowly been coming down. i've felt more happy and relaxed than i have in ages.

on that note, here are some more camp snaps...

flowers picked in the meadow near our staff bunks.

chan flowers

some notes on artists i want to play for our songwriting class.


towels at the pool.


the kiln behind the art barn!

art barn

more beautiful flowers...





six flags 5

guitar art.

guitar art

forget my phone, purse, debit card, and everything else i usually need outside this bubble. the blue folder under the pretty flowers is my life. it has my schedule, as well as curriculum for all my classes and important papers. the folder, water, and my guitar are the things i carry with me wherever i go.


also- there are performances. lots of them. recently, the music department played a rousing rendition of some james brown jam for the kids.

sometimes you just gotta play james brown. a rare photo of me doing so-

credit- graham zinger

hope your day is excellent.



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  1. Anonymous8/06/2012

    wow, camp looks like it's turning out to be such an amazing time! Minus the frizzy hair and heat of course :) I'm glad you're having a great time!

  2. Sounds like you've been having such an amazing experience! Sometimes you just gotta get away and simplify, or find something new to inspire you :)

  3. Awe, Chantilly! I love to come see and see this kind of posts where you keep us up-to-date with your life there. I miss you tons, but for the tenth time, I feel very happy to know you're living this amazing experience; breathe it all in, girl! ;D


  4. I love seeing all your little moments. You captures some really pretty images and moments.

  5. These are some lovely photos, it looks like such a beautiful summer! The cardboard guitar is super cute :)
    Faye x

  6. i miss your posts, lady.

  7. I'm glad you're having such a great time and making lasting friendships and memories! You will always remember this summer!

  8. What gorgeous shots! You really are a fantastic photographer! <3 I especially love the first two and the one with the pretty blue folder! <3


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