reading terminal market | Chantilly

reading terminal market

i've got a LOT of photos and stories leftover from camp. for the next few weeks, get ready for some tales from this summer that i was too busy to tell as they were happening :)

reading market 1

reading market 2

on our days off, most people were obsessed with having adventures in the surrounding cities. there were a lot of international staff, who i think saw camp as a way to see/ experience the united states. i can see why they were eager to flee the second they had free time.

i usually preferred to stay on camp- relaxing from the rigorous schedule, and taking in the calm surroundings. however, on this day i chose to go to go with some friends to reading terminal market in philly.

reading market 4

reading market 6

i've been to philly twice, but have never visited here. it reminded me of quincy market in boston, or pike place market in seattle... a bunch of stalls where you buy various things. it was mostly food, but you would also see things like the honey products, or flowers above. it was really cute!!

i snagged one of these red velvet whoopie pies, which i was really excited to try. sooo good...

reading market 7

reading market 9

we then went to the philadelphia love statue, i think specifically to take this photo!

in order: lynnette, justine, elana, me. and darius taking the picture :)

reading market 8


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  1. wow! lovely pics!

  2. I've never seen red velvet flavour whoopie pies before, sounds amazing!
    Faye x

  3. 1. I'm going to need one of those whoopie pies
    2. I'm blown away by your music - your voice is so pure!

  4. Hooray Reading Terminal! My inner Philly girl is squeeing at this post :)

  5. I loved Reading Terminal, i used to go every Sunday, I miss Philly sometimes.

  6. I adore Reading Terminal! Ah man, reading this definitely makes me miss Philly. I'm going to have to go back now to hunt down those whoopie pies :)

  7. Those red velvet pies look so yummy!!

  8. Awe, so much fun! I'd love to go get lost in the city ... ANY city! Geez, where I live is so quiet it is nerve-racking. I'm surprised I haven't lost it ... yet, ha.

    Wow! How many different states have you been to? Have you ever been to Cali?

    And by the way, is it just me or Lynnette is really tall? Hehe.

    Have a great day! And hope you have cool plans for the weekend! ;D As for me, I think we're going to see our youngest niece take am archery class and might even take one ourselves :). I know I've said it before, but it's so cool to have you back! :D

  9. omg I love all those photos :)
    hope you had a great time..

  10. This makes me want to visit Philly again. The only time I have ever been was with a church youth group trip on a tour of soup kitchens. A flambouyant priest showed us around a little of the city and said something like, "GIRL let me show you the best Philly cheese steaks."

    That's all I remember.

    You're adorable!

  11. Looks like so much fun! I just went to a flea market - it was so much fun! I love looking at all the vender's stuff. <3


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