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six flags

recently the whole camp had a trip day, and the oldest group of kids went to six flags. i haven't been to a theme park in years. at the time, i was feeling worn out by all the work i was doing, and wasn't enthusiastic about the idea of going on tons of puke-inducing rides.

but it turned out to be REALLY fun! the girls convinced me to go on a roller coaster called el toro for our first ride. i definitely felt like i was going to die. it was awesome.

six flags 13

six flags 3

six flags 4

the most death-defying roller coaster in the park was called kingda ka, which goes up in the air, and falls vertically for 456 feet. i could not bring myself to go on that one, but they had fun doing it :)

six flags 6

six flags 7

six flags 1

we couldn't believe how stoned this big stuffed penguin looked... he even had red eyes.

six flags 8

on these little adventures, i keep forgetting to take pictures of people/ have people take pictures of me. here's a cute one of one of the campers pretending to be a unicorn :)

six flags 9


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  1. I miss going on camp - I haven't been to one in ages lol.
    Got holiday club this week which will be crazy enough lol.

  2. How fun, I want to go there.

  3. Awesome photos! Sometimes it's good to forget to take pics of people/yourself, because it means you're more focused on enjoying the moment than using your camera ;).

    Have a fun week1

  4. I used to be terrified of roller coasters, so I went to six flags and went on kingda ka first thing- now I'm obsessed! I'm lucky to have lived in two cities with two of the world's tallest/fastest coasters. Defo go on it if you get the chance again, it's amazing :)

    Lovely photos xx

  5. Love these photos! Especially the third one!

  6. Six Flags!!! I love this place (b/c I am just a big kid at heart) It's been years since I've been there, but I live pretty close to it now, so I really should make the time. Is this the one is Allentown? Adorable photos Chantilly! xo Marisa

  7. I rarely have photos of myself at any kind of adventures - and I usually don't get around to taking pictures of other people. I'm the worst photographer ever! Haha!

    You got some gorgeous shots of the theme park, though! Love 'em!! <3


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