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taking a break...

almost, maine
photo by graham zinger

i had to learn five new songs for the show i was in a few nights ago! in the photo above is my friend john, who asked me to provide the house music for the play he directed- almost, maine. i sat on the side of the stage and played guitar and sang in between acts. it was a huge hit ;)

with that said, i think i'll need a wee bit of a break from the 'ole blog for a week or two.

the past few weeks have been really overwhelming. i have so many posts just waiting to be written. there is so much i want to tell you about everything...

however, the minute i get to a computer i can't write. i've been completely absorbed in "camp" mentality, and my brain is just dead, dead, dead. i've met so many people. i've had so many experiences, good and bad. i feel totally re-arranged. and in a way, i almost feel like i've forgotten who i am. but did i ever really know?

i do feel bad, since all my posts have been scheduled, and i basically feel like i've been phoning it in all summer. i've also seen my readership slow as a result. you guys deserve better than that. so rather than doing a bunch of half-assed posts, i'm going to regain my energy and come back when i'm feeling less stressed.

i believe i've got one more "what i love about me" post ready. then, i my estimation, i'll be back after a week or two :)




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  1. We'll be right here waiting for you to come back ;).

    Hope the stress goes away!


  2. That makes total sense! Have a good break and see you in 2 weeks;)


  3. Anonymous8/16/2012

    Regain your strength girl! Every body deserves a break and you're no exception. Rest up and come back even better than before!


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