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the little things

well what do we have here?! another style post. i'm super proud, since i only usually get around to doing one per week.

outfit 3
photos by matt baxter

outfit 2

it's been weird getting back into the groove of things since camp ended. i went back and re-read some of the blog posts i had done before i went. i seemed so much more together. i had some idea of the direction i was headed in in terms of this blog, and even with my life.

my routines are messed up now. everything's topsy-turvy.

outfit 4

but perhaps that's a good thing. maybe that's exactly what i needed. and i know it's one of the reasons i wanted to go to camp in the first place...

to get some perspective.

i'm not sure i found what i was looking for out there. it's quite possible that i found something completely different than what i was looking for...

outfit 1

outfit 5

sunnies- beacon's closet
scarf- vintage
dress- thrifted
belt- thrifted
knee socks- c/o we love colors
moccasins- minnetonka

outfit 6


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  1. oh im sorry to hear you feel a bit topsy turvey at the mo. Everything always finds it path...hard to see sometimes though, right?!
    You look lovely, so jealous of youre moc's i've wanted a pair for ages but just wont fork out the £££ :) xx

  2. Looking great, lady! And may I add I think you look more confident in these photos ;).


  3. So cute, love the socks!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Sometimes when we don't find what we were looking for, we do manage to find something better - something good for the soul. Does that make sense? Hoping things get back to the groove soon for you darling!

    On a lighter note - you look incredibly lovely. I am always inspired by your outfits and the kick ass way you always combine colors and accessories. <3 it! Happy Friday lady! xo Marisa

  5. Found your blog via the Proud of my Size link up, and I love this outfit! I own the same moccasins, and I love how you styled them with the knee high socks. :)

    Sailors ♥ Floral

  6. What a gorgeous dress! I love the color (TARDIS blue)!

    I hope you figure everything out soon. I know everything will be great for you. ;)


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