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does anyone else like thunderstorms? i can't even describe how magically lovely the thunderstorms at camp are.

they've happened at night so far, and the whole camp usually gets woken up by them in the middle of the night. it sounds like the whole bunk is shaking down. the wind blows forcefully through the covered screen windows, spraying my face with tiny drops of water. the lightning crashes practically in our front yard. the rain pours so hard, you keep thinking there's leaks everywhere in the bunk. i watched the lightning light up the outline of the trees from my bed.

i know this photo is blurry/ not good, but it was taken at about 4am, as the lightning was striking. the wind kept blowing in, spraying my lens, so it was really hard to get a picture!


beauty ♥♥


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  1. Thunderstorms can be really magical. I love this.

  2. I also love thunderstorms!!

  3. I enjoy a good thunderstorm and the cool weather it brings. I don't particularly care for the loud cracks of thunder that wake you up at o'dark thirty though. :)

  4. I do like thunderstorms as well! Not long ago me and my room mates were caught at home in a nasty storm. We walked outside and looked up at the sky and watched the clouds twist and swirl. It looked incredible; I had never seen anything like it. One of my room mates were really upset because her house was destroyed in a tornado when she was young. But I just marveled at the sky. No tornado touched down but the lightening show was awesome!

  5. i LOVE thunderstorms.. the past few days it's very hot and humid here and I wish it would result in a thunderstorm.. no luck so far.. :-)

  6. I love thunderstorms. Rain is some of my favourite weather, thunder and lightning or no. I seem to always get stuck at work during a thunderstorm and so cannot fully enjoy them, but I do so adore them - they just put my soul at ease. :)

  7. i totally love them too - but my pup doesn't. i think it is so cute because she gets super cuddly and lays on you!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. I so don't like thunderstorms, I'm so scared when it is thundering. But I do love it when it rains, love the sound and smell it gives.

    writing a lovesong

  9. I love thunderstorms too! There is something special about the sound of rain mixed with thunderstorms(:

  10. that photo is actually quite beautiful, and invokes a calmness and relief. Thanks for posting it :) I enjoy thunderstorms, but it seriously has not stopped storming where I live (Florida) since June, and I've had my fill and then some.

    Megan Lee


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