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What I Love About Me ~ Erika from Rouge and Whimsy

what i love about me

this summer, i am hosting a new weekly series called the what i love about me series. my vision is to get a variety of women talking about their favorite part of themselves. It could be a physical quality, an awesome ability, personality trait, etc. :)

i hope to help reverse negative conditioning from society, and promote women realizing and celebrating the positive aspects of themselves.

read on about this week's amazing woman, erika of rouge and whimsy.


 I figured out pretty early on that my red hair was different.

And I decided just as early on that I didn't like being different.

Cheek-pinching ladies would corner me in the grocery store to fondle my head and talk to my mother, while they ignored my blonde brothers. The third-grade boys called me carrot head. Even in junior high, I received enough derogertory comments (that I won't print here) to make me really dislike my ginger strands.

I wanted black hair or brown hair. I wanted skin that tanned, not skin that freckled. In junior high, when I first was allowed to wear makeup, I spent one entire Saturday painstakingly covering each freckle on my face with coverup. My mom convinced me that coverup wasn't actually for that purpose.

Fast forward to college, when I realized that in a world where everyone tries so hard to make their mark, to stand out, I had a head start. I was special; my hair was unique. And even though there were other red heads in the world, no one else has a shade quite like mine. For the first time, I decided that I liked my hair color... and slowly, I decided that I even liked my matching collection of freckles.

To be honest there are days when I think it would be easy to be a glossy brunette, and I really do love brown eyes and tan skin. But I also have decided that I like my red hair. I like being different.

Someday I may have kids and there is a small chance they'll have red hair too. When I was younger, I would proudly say that I never wanted any of my future kids to have red hair-- but slowly I've changed my mind.

I want them to have red hair, or maybe freckles, or maybe I just want them to have something that will make them a little different and stand out from everyone else.

Maybe their hair will come out green.

I don't always blog this deeply-- occasionally I do-- but mostly I share my love of fashion, snapshots of my life in Seattle with my husband and Corgi, my thrifting obsession and my pursuit of a handmade life at rougeandwhimsy.blogspot.com.  I also sell colorful totes and purses on etsy and try to keep it to 140 characters on twitter. I like new friends- come say hi!


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  1. what a great post and series!!

  2. love this; and, erika, i think you're hair and freckles are gorgeous!

  3. This is so cute! I looove it.


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