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central park

when we blew back into town, of course all my friends from the uk were into doing super-touristy things. fortunately, central park is one tourist destination i can definitely get down with.

so what did we do with our precious time at central park??

take style shots!!

outfit 1

well, we didn't do JUST that. walking through the park was lovely, as always, and luckily lynnette was game for snapping these lovely photos of me. what a gal!


i really want to pretend that i was actually writing something profound and revelatory here. but it isn't true. lynnette was all "what can we use for props?? pull out your journal!"

i love going to arts camp. no one flinches when you need something silly- like pictures of yourself for your blog.

outfit 2

always creepin.

outfit 3

or whispering sweet nothings in your cute little journal ear...

outfit 4


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  1. I love your red oxfords, I'm going to have to look for a pair like that!
    Faye x

    1. thank you! they're easy spirits. this is my third pair of them... i love 'em so much!!

  2. Cute photos!

    xo Jennifer


  3. I dream of going to Central Park! Well, NY in general, hehe.

    Love these photos! You look adorable! I never know what to do when in front of the camera.

    And thanks a lot for your comment ;D!

    1. girl, when you finally make it to ny, we will totally go to central park AND take lots of crazy/ weird/ cute photos. and you're welcome :) xoxo!

  4. Anonymous9/06/2012

    Haha the journal ear thing got me. Very cute! :)

  5. I love yellow stripes :D I hope to visit NY someday...

  6. Beautiful blog! so happy I came across it!


  7. Central Park is awesome. I so wish I had a NYC visit in my near future- it's been too long! Love the pics of you with your journal :)


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