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chantilly in performer magazine/ the saturated canary!

good morning, doves!

it's been interesting past few days. i'm in rhode island at the moment catching up with my family. and as you know, i've been feeling a little shaky in my transition to life after camp. however, the universe is just not having any of my self-pitying bullcrap... it keeps making cool things happen. specifically cool music things.

for example- just the other day, i got an email that the up to the moon ep was reviewed in performer magazine!!

Screen Shot 2012-09-01 at 11.43.09 PM

this is a really respected publication within the indie/ music community, and i'm super proud to have made it in... even more so because mine is the only cd in that section that's an independent release. the rest of the artists are all on labels!! you can't believe how cool this makes me feel.

the review itself is rather poetic... here's an excerpt-

"the release is a doleful portrait of an artist as a young woman, one that is flush with lure and blemished love."

you can read the whole thing here on page 35, or pick up a copy in a store!

also very recently, krista of the saturated canary emailed me. she just launched a youtube channel dedicated to crafting, and asked me if she could use one of my songs as background music for her very first video! i was flattered, and of course said yes.

you can watch the super-awesome video here, where she's giving one of her drawings an ombre hairstyle :)

have a wonderful sunday!



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  1. Everything about your song "Escape" is fantastical!!

  2. Anonymous9/02/2012

    Congrats! That is so cool :)

  3. What an awesome review! I love the line "an artistic curtsy..." Thanks for sharing. I've found some new bands I'm interested in checking out :)

    1. glad to hear it! i loved the tag line too :)


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