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outfit 1
photos- matt panton

during our recent trip to rhode island, we stopped off at this abandoned gas station to grab some pictures. i used to live down the street from this particular one- looks like sadly, the economy got the best of it.

outfit 4
outfit 3
outfit 5

do you ever pass by a closed down business? one that was a landmark of some memory in your life you forgot existed? it's a little weird when it happens, right? it's just an abandoned gas station... a corporate one at that. but my dad actually knew charley. maybe it just makes me sad that a business had to shut down and someone's dream came to an end. maybe it reminded me of times past.

memories like driving down a nearby dirt road to my friend deliah's house, so we could all bounce on her trampoline.

well, those days are gone, and so is charley's mobil.

outfit 6
outfit 7
outfit 8

someone had thrown something through one of the windows...

broken glass

and this opportunist snagged a photo of the hat through the hole in the glass.

matt photo
outfit 2

new things are coming.
the future is wide.
i have faith.


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  1. this is so sad:( as a business owner myself i hate this economy right now. Things HAVE TO change! but alas, i have no answers :(
    Is this dress Modcloth? I love it, and of course im completely loving the tights, i dragged all my rainbow colours out last week and love wearing them again! Also very jealous of your minnetonkas, im trying to score a thrifted pair to save me the £££ but so far no such luck!xx

    1. yes! the dress is from the big sale a few weeks ago. i snagged it for $14!! i JUST left you a comment about your awesome purple tights. oh, and also, i got my minnetonkas from ebay for about $20 (including shipping.) i'd try there. xx

  2. That is sad indeed! But at least it still makes for some nice pictures. These do look wonderful:)

    1. yes, out of the sadness always comes some beauty, i guess.

  3. What a sad story, there's always something so beautiful about abandoned buildings though. Also, your dress is very lovely, I love the collar. :)
    Faye x

  4. I love your dress. The abandoned gas station is very cool

  5. Anonymous9/13/2012

    yes! I have this same feeling but during a different occasion. Every time I move, the last night I spend in my apartment is always weird and eery. The apartment is usually empty or in boxes but so many memories exist. It's a nostalgic moment where I reminisce on all the good times I had in that apartment.

    1. thankfully, it's been awhile since i can say i've had that feeling... we've been at this apartment for about three years. but i think mostly the feeling i have at that moment is dread... of the physical work of having to lug all those boxes and furniture to somewhere new the next day :P

  6. What a gorgeous dress! I love stumbling across old abandoned places, they always make for the best photographs. Lovely blog, now following :)

    louisejoyb x

  7. Lovely outfit!!

  8. You look so pretty, but that is a sad story. When I went back home a couple years ago, a lot changed. But that's So. Cali and everything changes there. The only thing that was still in shopping complex by my house the video store that my best friend and I would rent from. I love memories.


  9. I know what you mean, I'm very melancholic when I see abandoned places that used to be alive when I was younger - it's the feeling of transience creeping into your mind, right?

    And abandoned gas stations are creepy anyway because I have seen too many bodycount horror movies with teenagers stopping at such places ;)

    Anyway, you look adorable! I love the dress and mustard tights, great colours together! :)

  10. i'm a sucker for abandoned places. i love these photos - and i ADORE your outfit. can i have everything you are wearing now please? that dress and those tights are amazing

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  11. Oh, my! I love this outfit! :) And your story of the gas station sadly reminds me of my parents dry-cleaner's. After putting so much effort and money into it, one day the owner of the property died, they stopped renting it to us and my parents had to leave it. The place is still abandoned because the heirs still have not come to an agreement on to what to do with it ...

  12. Love this outfit! That dress is perfect with the yellow tights and you chose the perfect back drop. It's so sad to see businesses you remember as a kid close down. I'm from a rural area in Oregon and I see a lot of that each time I go back to visit.


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