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friends, vocals, and quitting

weird post title right? it'll all make sense... just stay with me.

how is everyone's tuesday going so far? i spent some of last night and this morning writing a new song... feeling extra musical lately :) i've also been looking over the pictures in this post, feeling inspired, and thinking about quitting. or rather asking myself, how do we know when it's time to quit?

i don't know what it is, but i just find myself thinking about all the times when i've said to myself "this is the point when i'll stop doing music/ creative stuff," and how sad it is to feel that way. there are ideas alive inside. sometimes it feels like they'll never come again, and sometimes it feels like they can't get out fast enough. the ideas and the work produced are never the problem, though. it's the other 99% of the crap that comes along with making said art.

i suppose it wouldn't matter if i never wanted to be heard. i could just write my songs, record them myself, and post them on myspace or whatever. and not care if one single person saw. there are lots of people like that. every day. just living their lives, making their art, and not caring if only their mom likes it.

but i do care. i want to be heard.

maybe i shouldn't want that. maybe i should just be content to write, and take pictures, and make music, and have no one ever take notice. or maybe i just shouldn't worry about it so much.

worry. such an energy sucker.


onto happier things... i was super lucky to help out my friend tamar put down some backing vocals for her new album! this is something i've always wanted to get more involved in... singing and playing for other musician friends. especially on recordings.

in the studio
in the studio
in the studio
in the studio
in the studio
in the studio
in the studio

we ended up to a studio right in williamsburg... she's getting the track produced in LA, and we did the vocals here and are going to send it over! i've never done anything like that. but it was a wonderful experience to learn the parts, go right in, and make the magic happen!

studio 10
in the studio

one thing this summer has taught me (i know, probably thing #5,492, as listed on this blog) is that i want to have more experiences. i don't want to just sit around in an office, or rot in front of a laptop. i've always known this, but now i know it more than ever. i want experiences. real, live, messy experiences. with people and art. with life.

maybe some like this one. this one was nice :)


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  1. Hello! Honestly, I love it when I come across blogposts that aren't just the standard happy face mood. Very refreshing actually!
    I got into blogging to inspire me to create and let my ideas out, but sometimes it feels like added stress and I need to step away.
    Here's to new fall starts!

  2. First, what a cool experience to get to sing back up on your friends album. sounds fun! As for quitting, I hope you never do. if you love it keep it up even if its just for yourself. I gave up on my music a long time ago and I do still look back in regret that I didn't keep going with it. you inspire me a lot. stay awesome :)

  3. Just the look of all those beautiful instruments gets me so excited for you Chantilly! What an exciting opportunity you got with your friend, and as for you - hoping so much you stay with it for a long time :) Sometimes I wish that I pursued my music more seriously - it was always just such a personal thing for me and nothing beyond that. You have quite the gift though and have really just begun - there's so much more to come for you lady! xoxo

  4. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to be an artist! The pressure to create something you love and to have people love that something as well, to deal with critique, maybe competition and to be exposed. Congrats on being involved in this project and on being an artist who keeps true to herself ;).


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