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life moments

just a few photos from this past week :)

i'm usually too lazy to make a decent lunch for myself, and these brussel sprouts and strawberries were just lying around the fridge. they were perfect together.
brussels & strawbs

everyone's going crazy for pumpkin everything right now. well, you haven't lived until you've lit a pumpkin candle on a chilly september day.

carmel apples. my absolute fall favorite. i tried making my own last year, but the results were so-so. i'd stockpile them if i could.
carmel apple

the other day, i bought the twee-est cat food imaginable. the packaging is clearly a marketing ploy. but in the end, i just had to bite the bullet. how can a person like me resist that many hearts? (even if it is crappy cat food.)
cat food

chipped nails from playing the gee-tar
chipped nails

i love when you pour the cream in ice coffee and it does this. it looks so cool!
coffee cream

cozy sweater on a rainy day sweater

that's all for now. have a lovely day, everyone :)


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  1. Lovely photos! I have yet to try a pumpkin spiced candle. And yes, that cat food packaging is adorable! :p

    Happy midweek, Chantilly! ;D

  2. I love brussel sprouts and strawberries, but never thought to eat them together. It does sound like a tasty lunch. Oh, and I'm going to have to get my cat that cat food. How cute!

  3. Your iced coffee reminds me of growing up - I used to love when Dad made tea or coffee and added milk. That cloudy swirl was always kind magical for me. :) Thanks for the smile, lady! Have a great day!

    (Now that I actually think about it, I have absolutely no idea why this is just a Dad thing for me. My Mom drank just as much coffee and/or tea as Dad did, but I always think of him when I think of the swirly milk cloud. Strange.)

  4. Anonymous9/26/2012

    your life seems pretty interesting in a mundane way. What a great, albeit odd combo, strawberry and brussels sprouts

  5. Love the photos! I also really like strawberries and brussells but have never had them together.. interesting.

  6. Amen to the ice coffee look when creamer is added(: Im always fascinated by that. Also, i have that candle, it smells delish.

  7. These are such fun photos! I love the picture of coffee (makes me want some!) and your cozy sweater. Such fun!

  8. Anonymous9/26/2012

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    Follow me if you enjoy what I have to say! I'd LOVE that!


  9. beautiful photos :) I haven't had a caramel apple yet this year. kind of excited now!!!!!!

  10. ooh i love putting random food items together. i've never had a pumpkin spice latte and am afraid i won't like it, since i don't like flavored coffee but a pumpkin spice we are talking!

  11. wow, what gorgeous photos you have here~


  12. Yes, I need some pumpkin candles!! Lovely pics- I love how the coffee looks when you add the cream too :) Enjoy your weekend!!

  13. Love the coffee and the sweater pics. So cozy, and great colors!


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