September 08, 2012

Sponsor spotlight

dear friends,

this summer, i had some wonderful girls sponsor my blog. things got really out of hand at camp, and i unfortunately never got around to giving them a proper sponsor spotlight. so i'm making it up to them now!! i want everyone to go visit their blogs and shops to see just how awesome these ladies are!!

ps, to take it easy on myself, this month i just did some swaps. but starting in october, i'll be available to take sponsors on again!!

details forthcoming... first go check out these gems!

sparkle sponsors
Utah Day 2 (24)

Hi, I'm Mary! I'm doing my best to lead a colorful and creative life. I'd love to share experiences, street art, lists, and inspiration with you.


dance to the radio

I'm Liz - Coffee addict. Bookworm. Lover of music, crafting and all things vintage. An East Coast Transplant currently residing in Denver, Colorado.


chestnut mocha
chestnutmocha for chantilly

We're Ben and Katie. We met in Montana, lived in Ukraine, South Korea, Russia and just moved to the US. We blog about photography, travel, thrifting, food, lomography cameras and things that we do as a couple.


ad picture

Hey, I'm Brooke! You're in Brookelynn is where I talk about my life as an awkward college student and my love of photography, thrifting, and vintage stuffs. If you enjoy these and other random things, I will most likely enjoy you!



Hi my name is Barny or Barnicles, hear me ROARRRRRRRRRRRR!
When I'm not pretending to be a dinosaur I'm normally making/knitting/crocheting/tatting something. It keeps me out of trouble.


ally hoot

Oh hello, my name is Marisa Noelle, and I run a little ol' shop called AllyHoot Vintage. When I'm not scouting out my next vintage darling, you can find me blogging over here or sitting down at the keys banging out my next song. I'm just your typical vintage loving gal with a heart for music, adventuring, and everything sweet. Nice to meet ya!



♥ listen to my new record on bandcamp


  1. Anonymous9/08/2012

    i'm a huge fan of Marisa's blog but I had no idea she had an Etsy shop! I'm glad I read this post.

    Oh, and happy Saturday!

  2. Yay for Mary and Marisa! ;P And I'm going to check the other blogs, too.


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