this is the end... (or is it??) | Chantilly

this is the end... (or is it??)

to officially wrap up (most of) my post-camp tales of triumph and woe, i hereby bring you... the staff banquet post!!

the staff banquet was a fancy-pants dinner party that the camp directors threw for us as a thank-you for our hard work. it was chock full of delicious food, positive vibes, and it really helped give us closure :)

staff banquet 1

lynnette and rhellie
staff banquet 5

everyone got a candle with our name on it.
staff banquet 4

staff banquet 6

in the interest of protecting the innocent, i won't be recounting much of what went on that night, but here's the basic info: the festivities kicked off with a lovely dinner and drinks, followed by a dance party. followed by... ???! craziness? several professions of love to various people? i'll let your imaginations run wild with that one...

i'll say that one of the things i loved most about the event were the "warm fuzzies." they're little notes you write to people you think are awesome, then place in individual envelopes addressed to those specific people. you aren't supposed to read them until the next day, but i read mine that night :)

during dinner, everyone went crazy writing warm fuzzies. i felt that it gave the night a positive spin, and made everyone realize how much we would miss each other...

staff banquet 2

here was my envelope! the visual arts department made each individual one for almost 100 people.

staff banquet 3

staff banquet 7

well lookie we have here... are these... some after hours activities pictures??

oh my, this is faith and me looking down the barrel of about 3am. you might guess our state of mind by noticing the amount of blur in these photos...

faith & chan 3

faith & chan 9

and here is harry, aka one of the loveliest people ever :)

chan & harry 1

chan & harry 3

staff banquet 9

and that's that :) hopefully i'll be able to go back next year.



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  1. those are some of the cutest pictures ever! :D

  2. This looks unlike any other camp I've seen or been too...looks utterly awesome Chantilly! The photos of you and your friends are adorable and those customized envelopes and candle - so very cute. I want to go :)

    1. a lot of people say that it's not like any other camp they've been to. i've never been to another camp, so i can't really say. i do know that it is special though :) you should come teach! or send keane there when he gets old enough! x

  3. I love this post! It's so much fun, and the photos are gorgeous. Love.

  4. Love to see photos of camp, so I wouldn't mind many more posts about it ;). Writing nice notes to people rocks :p.

    Have a great week, girl! ;D

    1. thank you miki... i know that you write nice notes to people all the time :) you have a great week as well. x

  5. This looks like so much fun. Your photos are so freaking pretty!

  6. Such beautiful photos! x

  7. Oh it looks like a grand time!
    Gorgeous photos. :)


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