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tinderbox fundraiser

have you ever heard of the tinderbox music festival? my friend alyson created it as a way to help female musicians and performers. for a few years now, it's been gradually getting bigger and bigger... this year cocorosie is headlining!

so she held a fundraiser for it, and i decided to go.

tinderbox 3

it was held at this totally fancy, posh, hip space in soho. i felt a little out of place, but several hearty helpings of gin helped with that :) this is alyson performing.

tinderbox 2

one of the best parts was that nellie mckay performed, and i got to meet her afterwards! and... by "meet", i mainly mean stared at and smiled goofily. unfortunately by that point, i may have had one gin and tonic too many :P my hope was to wax poetic about art and music, but i was definitely too dopey to say anything relevant. this is what usually happens when i meet someone really cool. gin or no gin.

tinderbox 4 tinderbox 5

we did get to pose in front of the press wall though, which i don't think i've ever done before.

super fun. tinderbox 8 tinderbox 10 chantilly

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  1. This sounds like such a lovely fundraiser! Grr why does all the awesome stuff only happen in NY! England is pretty boring right now. Just lots of rain!

    louisejoyb x

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! You were looking amazing too. :)

    xx Darlene
    Love song

  3. What a cool event to attend! I used to feel out of place a lot when I went to art exhibits and events like that ... Mostly because I felt looked down on, but it could just have been my mind, haha.

    Meeting people you admire rocks! And so does gin ... Dry martinis with 2 olives, yum! :P

    Have a fun, fun weekend! ;D

  4. gotta love anything that's in support of the ladies! looks like a ton of fun and kudos to your friend for taking a project like this on. that's awesome!!! you look cute as can be. thanks for visiting me lades. happy weekend! ♥


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