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What I Love About Me ~ Jes of the Militant Baker

what i love about me

this summer, i am hosting a new weekly series called the what i love about me series. my vision is to get a variety of women talking about their favorite part of themselves. It could be a physical quality, an awesome ability, personality trait, etc. :)

i hope to help reverse negative conditioning from society, and promote women realizing and celebrating the positive aspects of themselves.

read on about this week's amazing woman, Jes of of the militant baker.


"You are amazing. Wish I had half your moxie"

I received this email from a bad ass downtown friend and it struck a chord inside of me. I looked up the exact definition of moxie and when it read: "Force of character; courage, determination, and energy", I grinned. I couldn't have found a better word to describe who I am. What do I love about me? My moxie.


I don't know how I came to be this way. I suppose life events had a lot to do with my character, but I also have a sneaking suspicion that I was born this way. I have always been a boat rocker; an opinionated force to be reckoned with. I am a Leo, the color yellow and I thrive in social situations. I perform well under pressure, smile 24/7, will say yes to every opportunity once, and have the nerve to be myself even when it’s a lot like swimming upstream. I purposefully put myself in situations that terrify me and I feel totally natural with my purple hair. I have developed this unyielding devotion to the ethics and morals I believe in and my laugh is the probably the loudest laugh in the world.


I think that a lot of people might be intimidated by the amount of boldness and energy that radiates off of me; I gotta lotta pluck, y'know? But I am grateful for my dauntless determination. It gets me where I want to go. I want to twist what Tina Fey said into: "Girls with moxie get shit done". I haven’t always been this bold; I worked really hard to arrive at this place in life. I ended up having to answer all of my questions by myself, but this keeps me wonderfully grounded. So here I am world, take it or leave it! I've got moxie, and I love myself for it.

the militant baker


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  1. This really inspired me... Jes you already know I love ya but this was a really cool post. I like how you said you put yourself in terrifying situations.. I'm the opposite.. this inspires me to want to develop some moxie! *love your purple hair*

  2. I love that you're doing, "What I love About Me." It's always so easy to be forgotten! Amazing job, girl! Lovin' the blog :)


  3. Awesome!! I just want to high five you lady..
    Bec xx

  4. Oh my goodness this whole post series is fantastic! I couldn't help but get caught up reading a handful of them and it really put a smile on my face. This one is amazing, because "moxie" is definitely something I wish I had more of. I'm actually incredibly reserved and insecure, and blogging is one of my attempts at gaining some self assurance (and even then it's hard to get personal). I am not one to say this, but "You go girl!" I love this.
    How would one go about joining in?


    1. hey trish! the "what i love about me" series was just meant to be for the summer. however, it was so popular, i'm thinking about bringing it back... maybe as a blog party instead :) we'll see. xx

    2. Sweet! Let me know if you keep it going. I think it's so great. :)


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  6. Hi! New(er) around these parts :] Love this series. What an inspiring thing to read. I love hearing about women taking care of themselves (loving themselves) and I look up to ladies like Jes! I'm excited to see more.

    ♥ Em

    PS: Her purple hair rocks! (I just had to dye mine back to "normal" for a wedding, but purple hair is my fave!)

  7. Moxie and pluck. My word nerd has been well and truly satisfied this evening. Can I give you a "sassy," too? 'Cause lady I am a huge fan of your blog and I simply adore that you bring the sass. You are one of my favourites, Jes. :)


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