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happy halloween!

I'm not usually such a fan of halloween. Or any holiday where it's supposed to be mandatory fun. I hate that feeling of building up excitement... waiting for a really great time to happen... then {splat} a big let-down. Not to be a Debbie Downer. It just makes more sense (to me) to have a level head about it.

But on Saturday we ended up throwing a halloween party. And it wasn't a drag. In fact, I actually had an awesome time :) We carved jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins... which our friend Jeff wanted to throw off the roof (they made it through the night.) I baked some pumpkin whoopie pies. Then we watched Hocus Pocus. I had a stomach ache from candy and chips for dinner :P

We dressed Matt up as a "douche." I drew on a little mustache stubble, slicked back his hair, and let him borrow my scarf. Funny thing was, I kind of fancied the douche look just a bit :P

I'm not sure what we're up to tonight, if anything. But if not, I can say that I got my fill of halloween fun this weekend.

Happy Halloween, everyone :)

halloween jack 'o lantern


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London Candy Company

I teach a student on the Upper East Side. The other day, walking back to the train from her apartment, I noticed a cute little coffee shop on the way. It's not hard for me to be lured into a new cafe, seeing as discovering new ones is one of my life's passions. However, I've passed by this one a few times before finally deciding to duck in for a cup. It turns out, it's actually a candy store! And interesting enough, they sell candy only from Britain.

London Candy Company NYC London Candy Company NYC

I would never expect to find a quirky little spot like this on the Upper East Side, of all places. It's such a buttoned-up community. But another plus- they serve Sumptown coffee! I'll probably find myself stopping in all the time after my lessons. Next time I think I'll pick up one of those CurlyWurlies.

London Candy Company NYC London Candy Company NYC London Candy Company NYC London Candy Company NYC London Candy Company NYC London Candy Company NYC London Candy Company NYC


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red and floral

Happy Monday!

Is everyone out there ready for the big storm today?! Anyone afraid? NYC is supposed to have a direct hit, but for some reason I can't be bothered to be scared about it. I for one, am just hoping that our leaky window won't leak (it will.) Either way, hope everyone out there is staying safe...

orla kieley for uniqlo

Well, on a day in the not so distant past when there was NOT a threat of federal emergency, we went out and took some style photos.

You may notice that almost every single one of these photos has a different backdrop. We didn't mean it. But we've been getting in the habit of seeing an interesting spot and taking a few photos. Believe it or not, these locations are all on one or two streets in our neighborhood!

By the way, this is orla kiely scarf #2 :)

orla kieley for uniqlo orla kieley for uniqlo cardi- target/ romper- thrifted/ hat- thrifted/ scarf- orla kieley for uniqlo/ socks- sock dreams/ booties- thrifted

But seriously, does everyone out there have everything they need for the storm? We sure don't, but I think we'll make it through just fine. We're on decently high ground, and I don't think we'll have to evacuate.

orla kieley for uniqlo orla kieley for uniqlo

Everyone stay safe out there! xoxo


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Sunday Songs ~ Cheers Elephant

I heard this song at CMJ last week. This year, there were some panels where you had the opportunity play your music for "industry" people... they could critique it as they wish. Or if you were lucky, they might even like it.

Unfortunately, my music didn't get picked to be played at the one I really wanted it to (synch licensing), but this lovely song did. All the panelists LOVED it. And I must say, I do too.


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Weekend Traditions ~ Brunch

Get ready for the second food post this week...

brunch 2 brunch 3 brunch 4 brunch 5

I feel like I've posted about my brunch adventures so many times on this blog, but it really is one of the bestest weekend activities. I mean come on, who doesn't love:

#1- Vodka for breakfast
#2- Champaign for breakfast
#3- An excuse to be lazy and see friends, while eating assorted eggs, meats, and starches!

One of our favorite spots, Life Cafe, recently shut down and reopened under a different name. This was sad, since we've been going to this place since we moved to the neighborhood five years ago. Despite a sterile makeover, the menu largely stayed the same, and we still were able to order our favorite meals.

... with one notable addition. They never used to have regular 'ole eggs benedict. But now they do! Before, they just had a version with smoked salmon and avocado.

I know... poor pitiful me, with my horrible fancy salmon and avocado. Well yes, that version was always delicious. But sometimes you just crave the classics, you know? This past Sunday, I was happy to finally enjoy traditional, boring, scrumptious eggs benedict. One change I can get behind :)

brunch 7 brunch 6

What are some of your weekend traditions? xx


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Making a Wishlist!!

I can't even remember the last time I did a wishlist... a year ago? However, I was perusing through a lovely site recently, and couldn't help but pick out some cute stuffs :)


1. & 2.- I haven't gotten a new bag in awhile, and these oversized handbags are really perfect! I love the vintage vibe. And they'd be great for lugging all my stuff around the City- including my camera, makeup, and all my various knick-knacks.

3. I really want a pair of boots like this... the heel height is perfect for walking around, and not killing my feet.

4. This dress is gorgeous! I love the color, the print, and the cut. I feel like it would be great for any season.

5. I have a documented weakness for slouchy cardigans, and this fisherman cardi totally does it for me. It looks so comfy to curl up in on a cold fall night.

6. A bold fair isle sweater would be a pretty awesome thing to have in my closet this fall. I've been craving a geo-print cardigan like this, and this one would fit the bill perfectly :)

Sigh... daydreaming about pretty clothes...

What styles have you been daydreaming about lately?


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Avocado Cheddar Sammie

To be honest, it's taken me awhile to warm up to avocados. But somehow, some way, I started a very special yummy relationship with them them. They've earned their rightful place in my heart and my kitchen.

So I've been saving this post from Delightfully Tacky in my Pinterest files... biding my time for the perfect day to make it happen, and it finally did!

avocado sandwich

During a particularly serendipitous moment recently, I actually remembered to get all the required ingredients in the grocery store. They're not hard ingredients to remember, but I have very specific tastes when it comes to this. I've been craving rosemary bread and seaside cheddar from Whole Foods. Yes, the store is obviously insanely overpriced, but certain items are really worth it.

I feel like I'll can't ever go back to eating regular bread again. This one is delicious and NEVER goes stale. And the seaside cheddar cheese- well, it just happens to be one of the most amazing cheddar cheeses in the wide world.

Put in the toaster oven, top with avocado, and you've got a winner. Oh, and also, I left the sandwich open. Why convolute things with extra carbs?

avocado sandwich 2

Not the most symmetrical piece of bread ever... but even asymmetrical food can taste wonderful.


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My new/ old accordion

For a little while, my parents were running a vintage furniture business. They're still in the habit of going to auctions and picking things up, and recently acquired me an accordion!

accordion 1

I wish I knew how to play it better, but I've been wanting one for a few years. I can handle the chords on the left hand, but would never be able to do a right-handed melody along with it though! Not without some serious practice.

accordion 2

Matt's been getting more and more into photography, and took this opportunity to try out some new, fancy lighting techniques. He wants to set it up so that we can start taking style photos inside. I know that daylight is always better, but there's such a little window of it available now that fall has arrived. Plus taking style photos out in the cold... not fun.

I think I look a little like a school teacher here because of the black board in the background... it's actually for lighting purposes :P These photos were kind of a "test."

(nose a little red because it was a bit of a weepy day!)

accordion 8


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life moments

Happy Friday again :) Here are some pix from my life as of late...

I've acquired an accordion... more on that later.


Apples with sugar and cinnamon, and peanut butter crackers! This snack was so nostalgic, i can't even...


A flower that I had picked a few months ago at Watch Hill, that I wore in my hair in this post. When visiting my family recently, I found it exactly where I had left it, on the dresser.


a snapshot of brooklyn.


Matt making cappuccinos for us :) Cinnamon on top.


My new cute scarf... on the floor at a recent haircut (of which I didn't like and had to fix myself.)


Huge shoutout to Amanda from the Salvaged Strawberry for sending me these amazing flat irons! I sent out a tweet asking for recommendations, and she sweetly offered to send me two that she wasn't using.


Practicing some new, fancy lighting rig we got... yes, we were shooting rolls of toilet paper, because they happened to be a convenient item to grab. Scout's curious about the light.


Stella at the beauty parlour :) stella

What wonderful things have you been up to? xo


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grands outtakes!!

remember earlier in the week, when i posted about those scrumptious donuts? well, this is what happened as soon as my back was turned...

cat drinking milk

she's loving it...

cat drinking milk cat drinking milk


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orla kiely for uniqlo!

orla kiely uniqlo
Photos by Matt Panton

I'm not one to care about this designer or that label. At all. If you know me, I'd just as soon shop the 70% off sale rack, or head to the nearest thrift store (of which there are practically none affordable enough in NY, but still.) Well I've been being nice to myself, and making some little purchases here and there. And the Orla Kiely for Uniqlo line got me excited! The prints and color combos she comes up with are right up my alley.

While shopping, I decided to skip the dresses, and make a beeline for my perennial favorite- the scarves. Even better was that they happened to be on sale that day! This beauty only set me back ten big ones.

orla kiely uniqlo orla kiely uniqlo

I decided to go with her signature stem pattern... I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten since I started wearing it, which is pretty much every day. The colors are just wonderful.

Even though undoubtedly the material isn't as nice as the original, it's still one of those pieces that I hope to keep for a long time. Right now, just putting it on makes me feel extra special :) I think it might even qualify as one of the most beautiful things I own.

orla kiely uniqlo

orla kiely uniqlo orla kiely uniqlo orla kiely uniqlo cardi- anthro/ scarf- orla kiely for uniqlo/ skirt- american apparel/ tights- courtesy of we love colors/ shoes- courtesy of blowfish

I hope everyone has been doing okay out there, and I'm sorry for not answering some of your comments lately. I've been a bit busy this week, and have been feeling a little melancholy. I'm hoping the prospect of another scarf in the near future will cheer me up :)

Thank you for reading- something I probably don't say enough. xoxo


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