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rifling through my closet recently, i realized something crazy. that there a type of clothing that i love so much, that i manage to wear it almost every single day... cardigans

i just love 'em, and always have. i have one with me at all times- even during the summer! you never know when you'll happen upon a freezing restaurant or store.

recently, i decided to re-organize my cardigans. they were previously in a big pile, in a basket under my bed. i decided that given their importance in my life, they deserve closet space.

first of all, it's amazing how much easier it is to assess your items for daily wear when they'r all hung up neatly in front of you. it also got me to thinking about just how many neutral-hued cardigans i own... being the color-lover that i am, i'm glad that this has been brought to my attention, because this clearly needs to change!

chan outfit 1
chantilly outfit 3
outfit 1

what item of clothing do you find yourself wearing the most? x


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  1. I love a good cardigan. I'm working on getting some more in fun colors. I have a bunch of blank ones from when I worked in a salon but I love colorful ones. I have a ton of tank tops for some reason. I love to layer them under different shirts for a pop of color :)

  2. I'm a cardigan buff too! I always have one on me, with me.

  3. I also love cardigans... however, my collection is far from looking as good as yours!

  4. I'm also a Cardigan gal but am lacking in the colors department. I've been playing it safe with the neutrals too but the other day I was thinking that i need more in brighter colors. The office I work in is FREEZING all year long so I always have one handy.

  5. Hi!

    I love my combat boots so much! Since living in a city they are comfo and i can walk everywhere with them

    Nice pics you got there!

    Ariane xxx

  6. I am absolutely obsessed to cardigans, I think I have more of them than I do anything else! They're just so cosy :)

    louisejoyb x

  7. Totally with you on this. I have loads of cardigans and never get sick of buying more. I begrudge the sticky humid weather we always have over here in the UK because it denies me my cardigan wearing pleasure!

  8. pjs, honestly, since i have to wear uniform every single day, when i get home the only thing in my mind are my pjs, that's what i wear most of the time, and since i don't go out a lot, i have a very small closet :/

  9. I just bought a cardigan on friday, its so cute and so comfortable. :)

  10. I love cardigan's. I went shopping for my birthday and got about 12 new ones.

    I follow your blog and I would love for you to follow me

    Dreams Do Come True

  11. I also find myself wearing cardigans the most! I've got all of mine hung up too (actually, I hang all my clothes up, even t-shirts and jeans), and I'm realising I need to expand into longer, chunkier cardigans. There's enough colour, but nowhere near enough texture!

    Alli xx

  12. Cardigans go on top of almost everything I wear, but my daily go-to is definitely tights. My collection is ridiculous, bordering on embarrassing.

  13. Cardigans are awesome!! I need more :3

  14. omg those fingerless gloves!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I find myself wearing a lot of tights these days!

  15. Cardigans are an essential for a good Fall outfit.

  16. couldn't agree more with the comment above!carigans rock and are a staple!;)))

    P.S.Let us know if you would like to follow each other

  17. I feel the exact same way about my cardigans! I am usually wearing a cardigan with an outfit, unless it's excruciatingly hot! Except through the past year I've incorporated more different colored and patterned cardis into my closet. I just love how it pulls an outfit together and I get cold easily! -Jessica L

  18. CARDIGANS CARDIGANS CARDIGANS!! I'm obsessed with them too.

  19. Gosh! I LOVE cardis, but for some reason, I still haven't found a single one which suits me fine, grrr! Maybe I'm so oddly shaped that I'm not designed to fit in one, haha. They look so practical and cute, but I feel they make me look like a sack of potatoes :/.

    You have a wide variety of colors and textures! :D

    And as for your question, I wear a lot of dresses. I think they're my favorite piece :p.


  20. Anonymous10/17/2012

    I love cardigans. I prefer longer ones because I have a long torso AND large breasts, making regular-length cardigans look like crop tops on me, haha.
    I used to own a million cardigans and vests but found myself hiding under them. I could throw that over whatever so I basically had no style any more. Once I figured that out, I got rid of everything I didn't love or didn't fit right - even if it was soooo cute. Now I've got two vests and I'm back up to quite a few cardigans - mostly gray, black and brown. I love neutral cardigans. One of my vests is black, too. The other is a tie-dye blue / white moon / sun print.

    Lol sorry for the novel! :)


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