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Chantilly @ the Tinderbox Music Festival!

happy saturday, friends! it's a happy saturday, indeed.

remember the fundraiser for tinderbox i went to a few weeks ago? well recently, i found out that i'll be performing at the amazing event that it was raising money for!

tinderbox music festival

here's the rundown: the tinderbox music festival is an annual event in nyc showcasing and promoting upcoming female artists. this year, it's going to be at webster hall, and cocorosie is headlining!! a few of the other acts i'm excited to play with/ meet- alyson greenfield, charlene kaye, i am lightyear, mal blum, and tamar haviv.

if you're in nyc, come see all these amazing artists on november 11th! including me!

tickets can be purchased here!!!


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  1. congrats! that's great

  2. Congrats! Good luck for the show!

  3. CONGRATS, CHANTILLY!!! I'd SO go if we lived closer :/ ... I'd make a poster to support you and scream like crazy when you go on stage, haha! ;P

    Happy week!


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