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Creative Goal List

i've been feeling a little unmotivated lately. i think the cold weather is making me want to stay inside and be a bit lazy :P so i decided to make a list of a few creative goals that i hope will spark my fervor again, and maybe even come to fruition one of these days.

make a record

well... not this kind of record!

i've been working on a few new songs lately, and can't help but think about how awesome they'd sound fully recorded. i miss the thrill of hearing the music come to life in a proper arrangement. i miss slowly working towards a piece of art that is uniquely yourself and super personal.

it's such a privilege to be able to devote your time to a project like this. it takes a lot of time and effort for all involved... more than you'd think! but it is completely worth it.


this idea has been brewing in my brain for awhile! i've had a few different thoughts about what kind of e-book i want to write... possibly a collaboration, or maybe even just a set of videos and a pdf giving voice or songwriting lessons. there's another idea for a book that i've been slowly working on... but i think it still needs some time to develop :P

i think that's half my frustration with some of these ideas... having them, but not having a fully-formed plan, or resources to make them happen.

mocs heart

another thing i've been thinking about for awhile. first off, i wanted to make a merch line for my music stuff (t-shirts, tote bags, etc.), and having an etsy store or that. then i also had some thoughts about making some other fun, random stuff (hair barrettes, lip gloss, ...??) and also putting it on etsy. i've also always dreamed of setting up an online vintage store... just think of the possibilities!

chantilly sing 2

i know, i keep saying this! truthfully, booking more shows has been one goal that i know has fallen through the cracks. maybe it's just because typically when you book shows it's usually a few months out, and i have all my balls up in the air right now. it's hard to think of where i'll be! that's just my lifestyle. i may need to drop everything and work 9-5 again.

then again, why live by "what if's?" you can't plan your future by what you think might or could happen.

you shouldn't avoid something just because you think it will be hard or scary.


♥ listen to my new record on bandcamp


  1. i like this list! very doable by a talented lady such as yourself. :) make sure to visit Houston on your tour! <3

  2. Sounds great! I always dream up little ideas that I wish to do, but never seem to get them under-way. Maybe one day! Opening an etsy shop is on my list too!

    louisejoyb x

  3. OOh, this is an exciting list! And I hope everything happens so we can all read about your amazing adventures on your blog :) Good luck!

  4. So happy i discovered a nice blog - awwwwww! creative ideas i have them too, so many but i try to stick to 1 or 2 - Number 1 is my blog and photography - 2 is painting - and i do not have enough time - Good of you to say not to avoid because of hard and scary - Sometimes a drastic life change is a bit scary but always for the better - i am working on changing my life -

    Ariane x

  5. I loved your list, go for it girl!!! the future doesn't matter as much as the present, and if you want to open your etsy shop (one of my goals too) start now, search in your house what material you have to work with and do it.
    I'm sure your next record is going to be as pretty as your previous two :)
    Saving for have both as a christmas present for myself.

  6. Hi! Started following you thanks to the blog-hop. Your list in inspiring and I hope you're able to achieve all of it. :)

  7. This is a fantastic list. I really like these goals! Keep us updated as you make progress. <3

  8. this is wonderful! i always keep lists like this in my head. i was recently talking with a friend though about how i want to start selling my handbound books at small local stores and at handmade markets and she said "why not? if you don't someone else will!" and that sentence has really stuck with me the last few days as inspiration + motivation to go out and do what i truly want!

  9. I think you should do all of these things!! go for it :)
    xo dana

  10. All good things! I think it would be great if you wrote an e-book, because then all of us could read it! But, going on tour would be so awesome too!

  11. What amazing goals! I look forward to hearing about you attaining each one!

  12. I think all of those are possible to achieve. You just need to kick it off and work on it for real. I believe if you really want to do them you can!

    Anh @ Fab 'n Fun

  13. If you go on tour, may I suggest The Flying Monkey in Huntsville, AL. It's an amazing collaborative of artists and designers and vintage collectors all rolled into a very colorful family-of-sorts. We have a theatre for concerts, comedy nights, fashion shows... I'd love to see you in concert!

  14. YES to the voice and songwriting lessons!!! That would be amazing.
    Also if you wanted to tour the UK, you know. That would be awesome ;)

    Alli xx

  15. Awe, Chantilly, I'm not an artist but I can relate to some of the things you've mentioned. I'd always thought that I was going to be able to start a project as soon as I moved to this country. I knew adapting and getting used to a new culture, place, family and everything wasn't going to be easy, and in some ways it wasn't that hard but when it comes to being brave and devoting my energy on something new, I don't know, I feel like a complete chicken, a completely different person from the one I used to be ...

    Anyway, the point is, you're right, it's not good to live by "what ifs"; you have to jump onto what you feel like doing and try.

    I wish you all the best of luck on the making of a new record, writing a book and/or opening your store! ;D And it'd be so wonderful to see you on tour! :D

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Playing catch up here as I am weeks behind on way too many of my favorite bloggy gals spaces... Can I just say, oh please go on tour (and stop off in Philly, pretty please). I would love to catch a show of yours. The ebook idea sounds pretty awesome, I must say! I always wanted voice lessons - I can write songs, but I am just an ok singer - always the backup gal, not confident with my vocals so this makes it pretty difficult for performing my own material or even singing it to teach others. I would snag your video voice lessons up in a heartbeat! Much love gorgeous gal! Fingers crossed for you that you get to check all these goals off your list!

  17. Anonymous11/04/2012

    Write a book and open an Etsy store are on my list too! Thanks again for hosting the blog hop because then I was able to find your blog. It's just an adorable blog with lovely pictures!

    Project Lovegood


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